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Managing a VMware vCloud instance

The following topics provide information and instructions for configuring a VMware vCloud instance in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. When you complete this process, you are ready to provision the vCloud service offering:

This material focuses on details, exceptions, and actions that distinguish the VMware vCloud offering from other service offerings. Where applicable, references to the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management supporting procedures are included in these vCloud topics.

VMware vCloud Director integration benefits (video)

The following video provides an overview of the benefits of integrating BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management with VMware vCloud Director.

Process overview

The VMware vCloud provider type is available out-of-the-box. To register it, you specify account, connection, and ownership information. After registering your VMware vCloud provider type, you onboard and offboard a Logical Data Center (Organizational Virtual Datacenter or Org vDC in the VMware context). You map BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management tenants to the Logical Data Center, then associate Logical Data Center organizations and vCloud users with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management tenants.

This implementation uses auto-generated vApp templates to serve as service blueprints. Most of the values are template defaults and cannot be changed. However, you can modify and add tags to certain network settings.

After accepting or updating your vApp template-based service blueprint parameters, you define your vCloud Service Catalog entries. You then can commission or decommission a vCloud service offering instance much as you would any other instance.

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