Cloud tenant administrator

Cloud tenant administrators are responsible for managing a subset of the cloud. Although cloud administrators can enable cloud organization administrators for both enterprise and service-provider environments, cloud tenant administrators are most commonly used in service-provider environments. For example, the cloud administrator might configure one cloud organization administrator for each organization using the cloud.

Cloud tenant administrators use the BMC My Cloud Services Console to complete cloud-related tasks. As a user, cloud tenant administrators can do everything cloud end users can do, as described in Cloud end user. This topic describes additional tasks for cloud tenant administrators of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Monitor services in the organization

Cloud tenant administrators can view all of the services requested by users in that organization. This enables the cloud tenant administrator to monitor the overall usage of the cloud by his or her users. For more information about viewing the services in an organization, see Monitoring cloud services in your organization.

Manage virtual firewall rules in the organization

Cloud tenant administrators can add, edit, and delete the rules for virtual firewalls for servers and for network containers belonging to the organization. For more information about virtual firewall rules in an organization, see Managing virtual firewalls in your organization.

Manage virtual load balancer pools in the organization

Cloud tenant administrators can add and remove virtual load balancer pools from servers belonging to the organization.  Cloud tenant administrators can also enable or disable those load balancer pools. For more information about virtual load balancer pools in an organization, see Managing virtual load balancers in your organization.

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