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Manually specifying a license certificate for a software CI

The License Engine automatically attaches software CIs to license certificates, based on company, product information, and answers to connection questions. However, if necessary, you can manually specify the license certificate for a software CI. Software CIs include the following CI types: Operating System, Package, Patch, Product, Software Server, and System Software.

To manually specify a license certificate for a software CI

  1. Open the software CI from either the Software Asset Management console or the Asset Management console, as described in the following table.


    Steps to open the CI

    Software Asset Management console

    1. Expand the Unrelated CIs panel.
    2. From the Job Name list, select the job that found the unrelated CI.
    3. Select the CI from the list of unrelated CIs, and click View.

    Asset Management console

    Search for the CI, as described in Using search.

  2. On the CI form, click the Contracts tab.
  3. In the Search Existing Contracts area, select the License Certificate contract type, and click Search.
    In the Searching for Certificates dialog box, you can refine your search.
  4. Select the applicable software contract, select a relationship type of Attached to, and click Relate.
  5. In the message window that appears, select whether to run a license job.
    The license job checks for connections and compliance.
  6. If you run a license job, complete the Create License Job form and click Submit.
    The Company, License Type, and product catalog fields are filled in with values from the license certificate. In the Job Name field, you must enter a descriptive name to identify this job.

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