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Using search

You can search for records from the application consoles. To do this, you can run a series of predefined searches, search all of the records using the Search form, or create and save your own custom searches using advanced qualifications.

This section describes the following tasks:

Methods of searching records

MethodDescriptionReference to instructions
Predefined searchQuickly find records for which you frequently search. You can create custom searches.Managing custom searches
Searching all recordsUse this type of search when you are looking for record that is not associated with your ID or your group's ID, or any time you search all of the records.Searching all records
Advanced search (for BMC Asset Management only)Search for computer systems with specific components. For example, you can search for all computer systems running a specific patch or operating system.Performing an advanced CI search
BMC Atrium CMDB advanced CI search (for BMC Asset Management only)Use the BMC Atrium CMDB query dialog box to build complex searches.Using the BMC Atrium CMDB query dialog box to search for CIs

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