This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the product version menu.

The Contract Management console

The Contract Management console is the primary console for contract managers. Anyone who manages contracts with vendors, enters contracts in the system, and has any of the following permissions, can use this console:

  • Contract Viewer
  • Contract User
  • Contract Admin

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Functional areas of the Contract Management console

The following figure shows the functional areas of the Contract Management console:

The following table describes what you can do in each of the functional areas:

Functional area


Breadcrumb bar

A navigation aid that contains links to related records that you opened from the console

Breadcrumb navigation controls

  • Back button
  • Forward button — Takes you forward one link in the breadcrumb trail. The Forward button is visible only if you have returned to a record on the breadcrumb trail that you previously viewed
  • Drop-down menu — Contains links to all the records that you have viewed from the current view, including records that might not be currently visible in the breadcrumb trail
  • Home icon — Takes you to the IT Home Page


Refreshes the data in the tables


You can search across multiple forms for records that match a key term. However, this search does not include Asset CIs.

For more information about using this search, see Searching for records in the application consoles Open link .

Company and Supplier

You can filter the contracts listed in the contracts table by company, by supplier, or by both.

Filter By

Search using predefined searches and manage your searches. You can edit, save, and delete custom searches. Saved custom searches appear in the My Searches node of the Defined Searches list.

The following figure shows the Manage My Searches dialog box that you use to customize your searches:

Use the Filter By field to search for contracts by the following criteria:

  • Contract type, such as leases or software contracts
  • Expiration date, such as contracts that expired in the past 48 hours or that are due to expire in 30 days
  • Predefined searches
  • Criteria that you define

Important: Contract types created by your organization are not displayed in the Defined Search list. To see these contract types, select All, or create a custom search.

View Inbox

The inbox displays events generated when the License Engine runs, and other messages about contract and software compliance information.

The inbox displays messages for the following areas:

  • Contracts that have expired or are about to expire
  • Software license certificates that are not compliant
  • Software license certificates that have expired or are about to expire
  • Summary results of the engine run
  • List of new CIs that are linked to software license certificates.

Important: You might see different types of messages displayed, depending on how the application administrator has configured inbox preferences.

You can show whether you have taken any action on a message in the Inbox. To view the applicable contract or certificate, select the message and click View.


Shows how many of the listed contracts are in each status. Contract status can be Draft, Executed, Historical, or Delete.

By using search definitions does not change the contract counts.

Counts are filtered by the value that you select in the Company and Supplier fields. By using search definitions you cannot change the contract counts.


The Contract Management console provides access to additional functions that are not related to contract management. For example, you can access other consoles from this console.

You can use the following secondary functional areas from the Contract Management console:

  • Reminders - Create reminders, as described in Creating reminders.
  • My Profile - View your profile.
  • Reports - Create reports. For more information see, Using reports and flashboards.
  • Manage CI - Manage CIs. For more information, see Working with CIs.
  • KPIs - Select and view KPIs for all suppliers or for a specific supplier. The KPIs that appear in the Contract Management console are represented in graphical format. The following types of KPIs are displayed:
    • Contract by status
    • Contract by type

Create and View

Create a new contract or view details of the selected contract. For more information, see Creating non-software-license contracts and Creating a software license contract.


Print the selected contract.

  • Show Work Info
  • Hide Work Info

When you access the Asset Management console, you can show or hide work information.

Contract table

Lists contracts from the results of your search. When the console first opens, it displays all contracts for all companies to which you have access.

Show Work Info

Displays work information records for the selected contract or CI. Use the Create and View buttons to create new work information records and to view details of the selected work information record.

Related items

Select whether to view related contracts or related CIs.

Related Contracts table or Related CIs table

When you select a contract, the table on the bottom half of the console displays related contracts or related CIs.

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