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Purchasing software and assigning a license

This use case describes how to purchase a software application and automatically assign a license to it.


Calbro Services has an enterprise license for Microsoft Office, which gives all employees access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Outlook. However, because only a few people require Microsoft Visio, this software is purchased only as required.


The following table describes the actions that are taken to purchase and license a software application:

Contract Management consoleContract managerCreate a software license contract for Microsoft Visio and set the status to Executed.Creating a software license contract
Purchasing consoleConfiguration administrator
  • Create a purchase requisition for Microsoft Visio.
  • On the License Certificate tab of the line item, select a Per Instance license type and complete the required fields.
  • Submit the purchase requisition for approval.

Creating purchase requisitions

Creating purchase requisitions

Approval CentralRequester's managerSelect the purchase requisition and approve it.Approving the purchase requisition
Purchasing consolePurchasing agent
  • Create the purchase order.
  • Searches for the orders to place.
  • View the orders and place them.
Managing purchase orders
Receiving consoleConfiguration administrator

 Search for the purchase order and receive the item.

Receiving and returning purchase items

CustomerInstall the software application.
Manage License Jobs consoleContract manager
  • Create a license job for the Per instance license type.
  • Run a license job.

The license job automatically assigs the license to the purchased item.

Managing jobs that automatically attach CIs to license certificates


Microsoft Visio is purchased and a license is automatically assigned to it.


For  the new software items that are purchased the license is automatically assigned and you can monitor the software usage of the new software items.

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