Troubleshooting the BMC PATROL Agent

This section provides details about issues that you might encounter with the BMC PATROL Agent.

Slow PATROL Agent connection to a local agent on Solaris platforms

Explanation: After installing the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server on Solaris for the first time, the PATROL Agent takes 15 to 20 minutes to connect to a local agent.

User response: Restart the local agent. Subsequent PATROL Agent connections to the local agent are faster.


For more information about troubleshooting the PATROL Agent, see the  Troubleshooting topic in the BMC PATROL Agent 11.0 online documentation.

A blackout policy is not applied on the PATROL Agent

No blackout is configured on the PATROL Agent even though you have defined a policy with a time frame and conditions that match the PATROL Agent.


  • Check the status of all the policies that have been applied.

  • If only one policy has been applied, ensure that the time frame associated with it has not expired.

  • If there are multiple policies, go through each policy to get its precedence. Set a higher precedence for the policy that you want to apply compared to the precedence of the other policies. Also, ensure that you associate a time frame that has not expired with respect to the time on the PATROL Agent.

PATROL Agent does not restart with the Restart Agent option selected

If you create a policy with valid default account information and later edit the policy to select Restart Agent, the PATROL Agent is not restarted.

To restart the PATROL Agent, use the Query PATROL Agent option from the Managed Devices page in the TrueSight console. For more information, see Performing actions on a PATROL Agent.

Tasks do not execute from the Agent Query functionality

When you try to execute a task from the Agent Query Tool window, a confirmation message along with the Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs check box is displayed. If you select this check box and then try to execute any other task in the same dialog box, none of the tasks are executed.

Workaround: Relaunch the Agent Query Tool window. BMC recommends that you do not select this check box.

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