11.0.00 enhancements

This topic provides information about the enhancements and features introduced in version 11.0.00 of PATROL Agent.

Usability and Supportability improvements

PATROL Agent setup variable to limit the length of the PATROL Agent data

You can use the newly introduced PATROL Agent Setup variable /AgentSetup/textParameterLength to limit the length of the text string that is sent by the PATROL Agent to TrueSight Infrastructure Management.The PATROL Agent sends the monitored data to TrueSight Infrastructure Management in a text string format.  For more information, see Limiting the length of the PATROL Agent data.


PATROL Script Language Reference Volume 1 and Summary Manuals are now available online

Prior to the version 11.0.00 release of the PATROL Agent, Volume 1 and Summary Manuals of the PATROL Script Language Reference were maintained as PDF documents. All of the content from these PDFs is now converted to wiki format and is available with the PATROL Agent online documentation. For more information, see PATROL Script Language overview and functions.

Platform support

Platform support for TLS compliant PATROL Agents

TLS 1.2 compliant PATROL Agent is now supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, PowerPC Little Endian operating system. 

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