Onboarding and implementing

As an administrator, for start implementing BMC Helix Log Analytics, by performing the steps explained in the following table: 

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For information about log ingestion and retention limits for a license and other such details, see BMC Helix Subscriber Information


Register for BMC Helix Log Analytics.

Note: The following steps apply only for existing BMC Customers. If you are a new customer, contact the BMC Sales Team for assistance.

  1. Existing customers need to contact their BMC Account Manager for registration requests.
  2. Complete the registration to request a free trial by providing your office email ID.
  3. Confirm your registration.
    You will receive an account verification email message.
  4. In the activation email message, click the link to activate your account and the tenant administrator user name.
  5. Set the tenant administrator password.
    The tenant administrator is the first user who logs in to the product. This link for setting the password remains active for 72 hours only, after which it expires.
  6. Log on to BMC Helix Log Analytics by using the tenant administrator user name and product URL that you received in the activation email message.
    For any queries, contact BMC Support.
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Launch BMC Helix Log Analytics.

When your account is created, you receive a URL and the credentials to log on to BMC Helix Portal.

  1. Click the URL and use the credentials to log on to BMC Helix Portal.
  2. Click Launch on the BMC Helix Log Analytics tile.

Collect logs.

Begin log collection by planning your log monitoring requirements. Decide what logs to monitor and then collect logs by using the docker-based Fluend connector configurations interface provided in BMC Helix Developer Tools.


Enrich logs.

Enrich the logs by using various enrichment sources. Begin by deciding what enrichment to add to collected logs that will help operators in analyzing logs and resolve the issue faster. 

Enriching logs

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