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This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Service Request Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

User goals and features

The following table describes the types of users (roles) who work with BMC Service Request Management, their goals, and the features that help each user achieve those goals. The responsibilities of these user roles can vary from organization to organization. In some organizations, one person might fulfill several roles. For information about the access permissions needed to fulfill these roles, see BMC Service Request Management permissions

User roles

Goals and features



Submit service requests through the Request Entry console.

Use Knowledge Base articles to resolve problems without submitting a service request, and provide feedback on the usefulness of articles.

Respond to request surveys.

Business manager

Approve requests as the requester's manager, which is specified in Manager's Name field on the More Details tab of the People form.

Review the consolidated or individual status of service requests in the organization.

Application administrator

Configure the application.

Perform system-level troubleshooting.

Grant permissions to users.

Service catalog manager

Create requestable services, including service level agreements (SLAs), cost and price, common and organization-specific offerings, and mappings to the fulfillment process.

Manage the SRD life cycle, from draft to approval, and then to deployment.

Business analyst

Use the Service Request Designer to create requestable services.

Creating services by using the Service Request Designer

Service request coordinator

Monitor requests, create requests on behalf of others, review request approval cycles, and troubleshoot requests.

Monitoring service requests

Fulfillment provider

Complete assignments required to fulfill a request.

  • Service Desk Open link
  • Change Management Open link
  • Managing work orders

Work order manager

Track work orders, monitor support staff activities in implementing the work order, and handle work assignments.

Create tasks to fulfill work orders and schedule people and resources to implement tasks.

Work order assignee

Handle work assignments.

Work Order console

Customize the application.

Integrate third-party applications.

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