This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT.

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21.05 enhancements

Review the BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT  21.05 enhancements for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

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Known and corrected issues

Release notes and notices

BMC Helix ITSM enhancements Open link

BMC Helix Innovation Suite Deployment 21.05 release notes Open link

BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT enhancements

(Version 21.05.02 and later) Container deployment of BMC Helix Innovation Suite

Perform container deployment of BMC Helix Innovation Suite and Service Management applications in your on-premises environment. This method of deployment offers:

  • Simplified on-premises deployment process with reduced effort as compared to the deployment by using installers.
  • Less resource consumption, offering better resource scalability.
  • Ability to consume cloud-based applications such as, BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker, BMC Digital Workplace.
  • Improved security that offers ability to isolate applications from the host and other applications.

For more information, see 21.05 Patches Open link in BMC Helix Innovation Suite Deployment documentation.

Progressive Web App screens for change

To offer a customizable dynamic modern UX that exactly fits your needs, the support for Progressive Web App (PWA) screens has been extended to change requests.

PWA screens are already available for work orders, incidents, assets, broadcasts, problem investigations, and tasks. For more information, see Progressive Web Application screens.

To learn how you can customize these screens in Developer Studio, see Adding custom fields to the Change view.

Progressive Web App screens enabled by default

As a user with the new Progressive Views Config permissions, you can now enable or disable Progressive Views by using the Application Administration Console.

For more information, see Enabling the Progressive Web Application screens.

What else changed in this release

The following table lists the changes in the product behavior in version 21.05:

UpdateProduct behavior in versions earlier than 21.05Product behavior in version 21.05

Access to BMC Helix Dashboards from Smart IT

You cannot access BMC Helix Dashboards from Smart IT.

You can access BMC Helix Dashboards from Smart IT:

To get Helix Dashboards option in the menu, you must configure helixdashboard.url configuration parameter in Centralized configuration.

CI Search

You could search for CIs by using the following search criteria, which might have resulted in performance issues:

  • % (wildcard)
  • _ (wildcard)
  • Blanks
  • Search criteria that has less than 3 letters

When you search for CIs from an asset or any ticket type, you cannot enter the following search criteria. This change avoids performance issues by limiting the number of CIs that are displayed.

  • % (wildcard)
  • _ (wildcard)
  • Blanks
  • Search criteria that have less than 3 letters

Filters for all Progressive Web App ticket types

When you added one or more filters for any Progressive Web App ticket types, the filters were not displayed on the ticket screen.

When you add one or more filters for any Progressive Web App ticket types, the filters are displayed under the active link on the Activity tab.

When you click on the icon, the filters are removed.

Configuration Item (CI)The options in Primary Capability drop-down menu appears with chunking capability.Static options are displayed in Primary Capability drop-down menu.
Chat icon for the person profile

When you logged in to the Progressive Web App enabled Smart IT, and clicked on My profile for the logged in user, the Chat icon was displayed.

When you log in to the Progressive Web App enabled Smart IT, and click on My profile for the logged in user, the Chat icon is not displayed.

The default setting for this parameter denies Cross-Frame Scripting (XFS) through an iFrame. 

On the Mid-Tier server in the web.xml file, you can set the value to SAMEORIGIN, which allows only the current site to frame the content. If you set ALLOW-FROM uri, it will allow the specified uri to frame the page. 

In version 21.05, this setting has been deprecated as ALLOW-FROM <uri> is obsolete in modern browsers. 

If the midtier.base.url parameter is set correctly, then by default, Smart IT populates the frame-ancestors directive in the content security policy as self <midtier.base.url>.

<midtier.base.url> = Value in the midtier.base.url parameter

The smartItCsp_frame-ancestors_900 parameter has been introduced to hold a value from X-FRAME-OPTIONS ALLOW-FROM uri during upgrades. By default, this parameter holds no value.

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