This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Service Level Management.

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Tracking agreement performance with compliance targets

Using a compliance target, you can track the performance of the agreement to see if the agreement was met over the review period. For example, IT commits that an SLA is met 90 percent of the time between January and September of <year>. 

This tracking can be summarized as follows:

  1. The system calculates agreement compliance using service target data related to the agreement.
  2. The processor calculates the overall percentage compliance for the agreement.
  3. The processor evaluates the data at regular intervals to determine the current agreement compliance. The following table shows the possible review periods and the frequency of compliance calculation.

    Review period

    Automated calculation interval


    Every hour (5 minutes after the hour)


    Every 4 hours (00:05:00, 04:05:00, and so on)


    Every day at the time of the review period


    Every day at the time of the review period

  4. Each time the agreement compliance data is calculated, the system checks the milestones for the agreement. If any of the results meet the milestone conditions, it triggers the action for the milestone.
  5. The system also calculates the impact costs, based on the amounts estimated during the service target definition, and records a cumulative total for each service target.
  6. At the end of the review period, the processor performs the final calculation for the entire review period. It calculates any penalties or rewards, and you can view these by using dashboards or by creating a report.

Compliance history for agreements

To improve the processing efficiency when determining the performance percentage for each service target, the SLAComplianceHistory record contains each service target's most currently calculated data for each review period. The data includes the status and the impact costs and is used in the dashboards display.

Agreement compliance involving request-based service targets

The agreement compliance percentage for a request-based service target for the review period is calculated from the total count of service targets met divided by all the resolved measurement records for that review period. Service targets that have a status of missed goal are not considered missed. 

The compliance calculations for an agreement do not include service targets attached to a request that is still in progress. This situation occasionally leads to inconsistencies on the dashboards display of agreement compliance percentages and the status of related service targets attached to open incidents. 

For example, Service Target 001 with a resolution goal of 2 hours and measurement criteria of Start When = In Progress and Stop When = Resolved is related to Agreement 001. Service Target 001 is attached to Incident Request 001 and meets the Start When criteria. After 2 hours, the incident is not resolved, so the goal for the service target is not met. Therefore, the status for Service Target 001 is set to Missed Goal. 

However, Incident Request 001 is still In Progress; that is, the Stop When criteria have not been met, so Service Target 001 is not taken into account when calculating the compliance for Agreement 001. It might still show a compliance percentage of 100%. 

Impact costs for a review period are calculated as the sum of each missed service target's impact costs. 

Each service target compliance contribution for a review period is calculated in the following steps:

  1. Retrieve SLAComplianceHistory count from the last Calculate Now action.
  2. Count all met records since Last Sampled Time and add to the values retrieved in the history.
  3. Count all missed records since Last Sampled Time and add to the values retrieved in the history.
  4. Push the new total to the history record.
  5. Calculate met %.
  6. Multiply by the service target's weighted contribution %.
  7. Keep a running summation of each service target's agreement compliance contribution.
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