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Managing templates for service targets and agreements

You can use templates for definitions that you use when creating agreements or service targets. You can create your own templates in the Application Administration Console or use those that are shipped with BMC Service Level Management (Service Level Management).

You can use templates as both, a time saving device and a method of providing conformity to both the entire service target definition and the individual pieces that make up a service target. You can define templates for business schedules, cost schedules, measurement criteria, milestones, and actions, or use those that come as part of Service Level Management. 

Using the service target wizard, you can create entire service target templates or edit one of the many service target templates to meet your business needs. These templates help you establish best practices for your environment while promoting reusability to reduce administrative costs.

Note the following points about templates:

  • Service target templates are maintained in an inactive state therefore no AR System workflow or filters are created as a result of them being saved in the system. You can also copy or delete any service target templates you create in the console; however, those templates that are delivered with Service Level Management can only be deleted by users with the proper privileges.
  • Service target templates always remain in an "Enabled" state; therefore, you cannot change the status of a service target template.
  • Service target templates are only available for request-based service targets and do not act the same as other templates. Service target templates are copied to service targets that are created from them. Therefore, the following information does not apply to service target templates as they are always unlinked from the template. If you use a current template, and retain the selection of Link to this template, your template is linked to the template created by your administrator. You cannot modify the template in this tab and any changes made to this template in the Application Administration Console apply to your service target. To delete any links to this template so you can modify the contents for a specific agreement or service target, clearing the Link to Template check box.

Service Level Management  provides predefined templates for the following:

  • Compliance review periods (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly)
  • Goals and costs
  • Measurement criteria
  • Milestones and associated actions
  • Conditions
  • Business entities

Administrators can create templates to define common criteria or settings. These templates can be used by multiple agreements or service targets and therefore, make it faster and easier for service level managers to set up service target and agreements. Templates are defined in the Configure Template form accessed from the Application Administration Console. You can use templates in the following ways:


You use the content of a template to more quickly fill in information.

Linked To Templates

The template is used by an object and when the template changes, the object automatically reflects the changes.

Custom Copy Templates

You use the template as a starting point and then customized for a specific instance. The template is used for ease of definition or as a starting point, but the information is changed and tied to a specific instance of an object. The template is "unlinked" by clearing the Link To Template check box. Any changes in the original template do not affect the object that uses the customized version.

During the configuration process, an object linked to the template can be unlinked from the template, which makes it a custom copy. You can also update all the objects linked to a template when changes are made to the template. You can use templates for definitions that you use when creating agreements. You can create your own templates in the Administration console or use those that are shipped with the application.


Do not include any parentheses in the milestone title or milestone template.

Service Level Management  provides predefined templates for the following:

  • Condition (service targets only)
  • Measurement Criteria (service targets only)
  • Goal and Cost Schedule (service targets only)
  • Milestone (service targets or agreements)
  • Action (service targets or agreements)

For more information about templates, see the following topics:

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