This documentation supports the 20.17.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Deactivating keyboard shortcuts in Self Service


Keyboard shortcuts are supported only in Self Service 2.0. If you installed BMC Remedyforce Winter 17 (20.17.01), you get Self Service 3.0 on the Remedyforce Self Service tab. However, if you upgrade to BMC Remedyforce Winter 17, you continue to get Self Service 2.0 on the Remedyforce Self Service tab and also get the option to upgrade to Self Service 3.0.

BMC Remedyforce supports keyboard shortcuts for performing some common actions in Self Service. Based on your requirement, you can deactivate these keyboard shortcuts. Deactivating keyboard shortcuts disables them in Self Service and on the Remedyforce Console, Incident Console, and Task Console tabs. To deactivate the keyboard shortcuts, you must create a custom setting Deactivate Keyboard Shortcuts and set the value as True. For more information, see Deactivating keyboard shortcuts.

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