This documentation supports the 20.16.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Sharing an out-of-the-box QuickView

All out-of-the-box QuickViews are not used by each of the staff members. Searching for the right QuickView from a long list can be tedious. To reduce clutter, you can share limited QuickViews with users of a profile. For example, you might want to show only incident-related QuickViews to the users of the Remedyforce Staff profile and only change management-related QuickViews to the users of the Remedyforce Change Manager profile.

You can edit a custom QuickView (a QuickView that you created). However, you cannot edit an out-of-the-box QuickView (Default is mentioned in the name of an out-of-the-box QuickView). To share a custom QuickView, you can edit the QuickView and configure required sharing. You can share an out-of-the-box QuickView from the Remedyforce Console and the Remedyforce Dashboard tabs.

At all times, all QuickViews are shown to system administrators. Therefore, system administrators can share any QuickView with any profile.

Following users can share out-of-the-box QuickViews:

  • Users of the System Administrator profile
  • Users of the Remedyforce Administrator permission set with the Remedyforce Administrator check box selected
  • Users of any permission set or profile for which the Modify All Data permission is selected


For the profile of users with Remedyforce Administrator permission set and the Remedyforce Administrator check box is selected on the Users page, if you unassign a QuickView, these users cannot view the QuickView on the Remedyforce Console tab. If these users want to reassign the QuickView to themselves, they can do so from the Remedyforce Dashboard tab.

To share an out-of-the-box QuickView

  1. Click the Remedyforce Console tab.
  2. From the View menu, select My QuickViews.


    The My QuickViews option is available in the View menu only if at least one of the following conditions is met:

    • Your system administrator has given you permission to manage your own QuickViews.
    • Your system administrator has not given you permission to manage QuickViews, but you have previously created QuickViews from the Remedyforce Console or Remedyforce Dashboard tab. In this case, the create, edit, copy, and delete icons are not displayed for the My QuickViews option.
  3. For an out-of-the-box QuickView (Default is mentioned in the name of an out-of-the-box QuickView), click .

  4. In the QuickView Editor, select the profiles whose users can access the QuickView.
    Even if you clear the Everyone check box, you and all other users with the System Administrator profile have access to the QuickView.
  5. Click Save Permissions.

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