Enabling new features in 20.18.02

After upgrading to Summer 18, some of these features are available to all the users immediately; while for some features, system administrators would need to perform some configuration settings. For more information, see the following table. 


Available by default?

Configuration available?Opt in/Opt out for upgradePost upgrade steps required
Fresh installUpgrade
Assign status to the page layout

(tick)Opt in(tick) For more information, see Customizing the Remedyforce Console tab
Multiple Page Layouts for change requests

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see  Enabling multiple layouts

Restrict access when user is a Client for that record

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see Customizing the Remedyforce Console tab

Add Advanced Rule Logic for service targets


(tick) For more information, see Creating service targets, milestones, and email templates

Displaying multiple list views and pinning a view


CI lookup filter on Account and Client in Self Service 3.0


 Export My Activity(tick)  (tick)   

Smart Suggestions in Self Service 3.0


Expand to include all Actions that can be added to the Activity Feed


Support for sending RTF emails and displaying received RTF emails in Activity Feed


(tick) For more information see, Activity feed in the Remedyforce Console

Ability for staff to reply to emails from the Activity Feed


Ability to select whether to insert hyperlinks for Staff and Clients in emails


Allow using record merge fields in emails for Activity Feed


Support for Email Signatures in Activity Feed

(tick)Opt in(tick)For more information, see Settings for email conversation

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