20.18.02 enhancements

This topic provides information about the following enhancements that are provided in the BMC Remedyforce product in this release:

Self Service 3.0 enhancements

Lookup filter to show CIs and assets linked to a client or client's account during ticket submission

Starting this release, you can select which CIs and assets should be displayed to a client when the client invokes a lookup filter for Configuration Item / Asset in Self Service 3.0 on the ticket form. You can use the Lookup filter feature to display only the relevant CIs and assets to clients that are relevant to the clients.

You can configure the following options:

  • Display CIs and assets that are linked to a client
  • Display CIs and assets that are linked to a client’s account
  • Display all CIs and assets

For example, consider you have a set of shared devices like printers or projectors that should be shown to all the clients. You can link the shared devices to all accounts and configure the option to show the clients all CIs and assets that are linked to their accounts.

For more information, see Configuring lookup filters in BMC Remedyforce.

Downloading and saving records from View in My Activity

Starting this release, you can download and save the tickets and service requests that are displayed in the View in My Activity option. You can download records submitted by yourself or by others. The records are downloaded in a CSV file. Also, if filter criteria, search text, or both are applied, then the records are fetched and downloaded based on the selected criteria. 

You can use any CSV editor or preview tool or MS Excel for advanced filtering and sorting of the downloaded records. You can download up to 2000 records. If there are more than 2000 records, a note is displayed in the footer of the CSV file indicating the same.

For more information, see Using Self Service 3.0.

Superbox for search

Starting this release, instead of the search box, a Superbox is displayed on the Home page for searching records. Unlike the earlier search, the Superbox search also returns the Broadcast records now. 

When a client enters a search string in the Superbox, the relevant self help articles, service requests, common tickets, and broadcasts that match the search criteria are displayed in their respective tabs. You can also view the total number of records returned by the search for each category in the tab header.

You can also enable users to submit a ticket or a service request from the Superbox search page.

For more information about configuring the tabs and settings for submitting tickets or service requests from the Superbox search page, see Configuring Superbox for Self Service 3.0 and Settings for incidents submitted by clients.

Smart Suggestions

Starting this release, when a client creates a ticket, a list of relevant common tickets, service requests, broadcasts, and self-help articles are displayed as Smart Suggestions. Clients can use Smart Suggestions for a quick reference. For example, while creating a ticket related to a printer, the client might find that a common ticket already exists in Smart Suggestions. The client can select the ticket and submit it.

For more information about configuring and using Smart Suggestions, see Configuring Smart Suggestions for Self Service 3.0 and Using Self Service 3.0.

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Remedyforce Console enhancements

Displaying multiple list views and pinning a view

Starting this release, you can view a selected module in a different tab. You can also pin a module's view such that the pinned view is displayed as the default view whenever you revisit Remedyforce Console. For more information about displaying multiple views and pinning a view, see Overview of the Remedyforce Console tab.

Activity Feed email enhancements

Starting this release, Activity Feed supports the following features:

  • Sending and viewing RTF emails
  • Replying to emails
  • Accessing more actions
  • Configuring and inserting email signatures
  • Inserting values from record fields
  • Inserting hyperlinks for staff and clients to view records

In addition, the Advance email link from the email body has been removed.

For more information about Activity Feed, see Activity feed in the Remedyforce Console.

Restricting access to records for which the staff user is the client

Starting this release, you can restrict the display of the incidents and service requests in Remedyforce Console to the users who are clients for those records. This feature ensures that if a staff user submits a record on which an action is to be taken by another department, the staff user does not see that record in Remedyforce Console. For more information about restricting access to records, see Restricting access to records for which the staff user is the client and Customizing the Remedyforce Console tab

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Other enhancements

Extending the Multiple Page Layout feature 

Starting this release, the Multiple Page Layout feature is extended to the Change Request module. While creating a layout, you can now assign the required status to the layout along with categories and templates. Additionally, the custom setting Console_LayoutAccessValidation can now be set from a new setting Enable Layout Type validation for record access under Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > Console. With this setting, you can restrict users from viewing those records in Remedyforce Console whose layout types are not assigned to the users. For more information about the Multiple Page Layout feature, see Enabling multiple layouts and Managing custom layouts for console forms.

Logical grouping of conditions in service level agreements

Starting this release, the set of conditions that qualify a service level agreement can be logically grouped using the advanced logical rule. With this feature, the conditions can be grouped in any order using the AND and OR operators. For more information about the logical grouping, see Creating service targets, milestones, and email templates.

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