This documentation supports the 20.18.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Performing minimum post-upgrade procedures for 20.18.01

If you are using BMC Remedyforce profiles or custom permission sets to manage permissions for your users, you must perform a few minimum post-upgrade procedures after your organization is upgraded to version 20.18.01 (Winter 18) of BMC Remedyforce. However, if you are using out-of-the-box BMC Remedyforce permission sets to manage permissions for your users, you can skip these procedures.


For the complete list of new or updated profile-level permissions in the Winter 18 release, see 20.18.01 profile-level permissions. For the complete list of procedures that you must perform to enable new features that are delivered in the BMC Remedyforce Winter 18 release, see Enabling new features in 20.18.01 .

Enabling uploading of attachments as Salesforce Files 

Starting from this release, Remedyforce will support the Salesforce Files for attaching files up to 2 GB in the Lightning Experience and Classic View. To enable the uploading of attachments as Salesforce Files, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application Settings.
  2. Select the Upload the attachments as Salesforce Files check box.


You must add the Files Related List on the Details page layout to view the files and attachments. To add the Files related list to the Details page layout, see Customizing forms in Salesforce page layout

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