This documentation supports the 20.18.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Enabling new features in 20.18.01

After upgrading to Winter 18, some of these features are available to all the users immediately; while for some features, system administrators would need to perform some configuration settings. For more information, see the following table. 


Available by default?

Configuration available?Opt in/Opt out for upgradePost upgrade steps required
Fresh installUpgrade
Lightning support for other tabs

Lightning Experience - Knowledge Articles

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see Setting up Remedyforce features in Lightning Experience.

Mass edit of CMDB records


Addition of OR filter logic for Rule Based Asset class


(tick) For more information, see Adding, deleting, and updating CMDB classes.

Support for Files object to upload an attachment

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see Performing minimum post-upgrade procedures for 20.18.01.

Lightning Components


Setting to skip trigger execution for custom process builders

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see Skipping trigger execution for process builders.

Remedyforce Utilization - BETA


Icons on pending approvals for Self Service 3.0


Dependent picklist for incidents for Self Service 3.0


Lookup fields show additional information for a typeahead text for Self Service 3.0

(tick)Opt - in(tick) For more information, see General Settings for Self Service.

Category lookup field displays categories in a hierarchy for Self Service 3.0

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see General Settings for Self Service.

Configurable client profile for Self Service 3.0

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see Customizing My Profile page.

Segregation of Self Help articles by categories for Self Service 3.0


Segregation of Service Catalog by Categories and SRDs for Self Service 3.0


View My Assets for Self Service 3.0

(tick)(tick)(tick)Opt out(tick) For more information, see Configuring settings for CIs and assets view.

Approval or rejection action for Self Service 3.0


List view customization for CMDB

(tick)Opt in(tick) For more information, see  Customizing CMDB list views in CMDB.
Multiple Page Layouts for incidents and tasks

(tick)Opt In(tick) For more information, see  Enabling multiple layouts.

Change in user input display for Service Requests


Note: This behavior depends on the Self Service version deployed in your organization

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