Using a history data space

MainView for CICS enables you to place MainView for CICS task performance detail history data (T6E records) in a private data space rather than in a data set.

This feature enables you to have temporary access to data from the CHIST views without having to allocate disk storage and this is intended for test CICS regions or other configurations where the data need not be permanently saved.

The data space is defined in accordance with a maximum size parameter and a time limit parameter. The maximum size parameter determines how much space will be allocated to contain the data. The time limit parameter determines how long the data will be maintained in the data space.

When data arrives in the data space and the data space is full or the time limit has expired, sufficient amounts of the expired data are rolled out of the data space to permit the addition of the new data.

Generally, the T6E records for a specific task are kept in the data space until one of the following conditions is met:

  • Time limit for retaining data has expired.

  • Data space is full.

  • Target CICS region terminates.


If the data space becomes full before to the time limit expires, the data space will not be expanded.

Old data will be rolled out of the data space in order to make room for the new.

If T6E records are being placed into a data space, they are not recorded to a data set for future use and are not accessible for any batch reporting facility including the MainView for CICS PERFORMANCE REPORTER.

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