Creating task performance detail history file definitions

Task performance detail history file definitions are created and updated with the CMRDETL view, which saves the definitions in CMRDTL00 in UBBPARM.

This tabular view runs with the context set to the subsystem name of the BBI-SS PAS where the definitions are stored. It displays the definitions that are available on a BBI-SS PAS when a target CICS region becomes active.


ddmmmyyyy 10:38:38 ------ MainView WINDOW INTERFACE (Vx.x.xx) ----------------
COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> PAGE
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
>W1 =CMRDETL===========DVPC=====*========(00 BROWSE        )====MVCICS===D====8
CMD SSID     Target(s)     CNT STP CRE DSP DDName 1          Data Set Name 1   
--- ---- ----------------- --- --- --- --- -------- ---------------------------
    DVPC BCVCD410          YES NO                   BCVM.BCVCD410.CMRDETL1     
    DVPC BCVCD530          YES NO                   BCVM.BCVCD530.CMRDETL1     
    DVPC BCVCD620          YES NO                   BCVM.BCVCD620.CMRDETL1     
    DVPC BCVCD630          YES NO                   BCVM.BCVCD630.CMRDETL1     
    DVPC BCVCD640          YES NO                   BCVM.BCVCD640.CMRDETL1

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