Thresholds and options for task kill function

Thresholds can be set for the following specifications:
  • Storage total, ABOVE, BELOW

  • CPU time

  • File I/O

  • DB2 calls

  • DBCTL calls

  • other DB calls

  • temporary storage access (TSQ)

  • transient data access (TDQ)

  • MQS calls

  • elapsed time

Tasks are terminated with default or user-defined task specific abend codes. You can also set options to control the following functions:

  • Sending a WTO message when a task exceeded its thresholds

  • Bypassing certain tasks in specific conditions

  • Creating a dump when the task is abended because one of the resource thresholds has been exceeded

  • Run in Warn only mode

  • Run in Kill mode with or without warning thresholds

You can specify the task kill thresholds, options, and abend codes from the CMRTTHR view, which stores these parameters in the BBPARM member CMRTTHnn for the BBI-SS PAS. During the initialization of the task kill exit, the BBI-SS PAS reads the settings in the CMRTTHnn member and the parameters are passed, using the EXCI facility, to the task kill exit in CICS where they are stored in ECSA storage.


CMRTTH00 is the default member name. You can use the BBCFG facility to set a different suffix, as described in the MainView Customization Reference.

For more information about using the CMRTTHR view, see the MainView for CICS Online Services Reference Manual and the online Help for CMRTTHR.

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