Task kill modes

The Task Kill function can run in one of two modes:
  • Warn-only mode

  • Kill mode

Warn-only mode

In warn-only mode, MainView for CICS uses the kill thresholds to determine if a message is issued when any of the kill thresholds are exceeded and the task is not killed. Once a resource threshold is exceeded in a task, MainView for CICS does not monitor that resource again in that task. You can turn on warn mode by specifying YES on the WARN option, which also requires that you specify CON, LOG, or BOTH on the Write Message option (WTO). You can use this mode to test and determine if the kill thresholds are set appropriately.

Kill mode

In kill mode, the default, you can define a set of kill thresholds with a set of optional warning thresholds. To use the warning thresholds, you must turn on the Warning Thresh option by specifying YES in the administration dialog. You must also specify CON, LOG, or BOTH on the Write Message option (WTO). MainView for CICS checks the warning thresholds first and issues a warning message when the resource warning threshold is exceeded. After the warning threshold for a resource is exceeded, MainView for CICS uses the kill threshold for that resource to determine if the task should be abended at the next time it gets control.


If you do not turn on the warning threshold option or, if you turn on the option but do not set the warning thresholds, MainView for CICS uses the values set by the kill thresholds to stop tasks without any warning.

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