Task kill function start up

You can start the task kill function in one of the following ways:
  • Specify the CMRSOPT parameter TASKKILL=YES to automatically start the task kill function at PLTPI startup.

    This parameter is checked by MainView for CICS during CICS PLTPI processing or when the first INIT request is processed. The parameter is ignored on all subsequent INIT requests. The TASKILL=NO|YES parameter is described in TASKKILL=NO | YES.


    BMC recommends that you use the TASKKILL=YES parameter in CMRSOPT to start the task kill function during PLT if MainView for CICS is in the PLT.

  • Issue the FST2 KON transaction command to manually start the task kill function (see Starting the task kill function manually)

  • Issue the KON line command from the CREGAGT view (see CREGAGT view commands)

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