This documentation supports the 21.3 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker.

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Common connector target processes


A process uses actions to implement the business logic for a given business case that can be triggered by rules. Connector processes defined in BMC Helix Innovation Suite call specific vendor actions to perform different business functionality. The connector processes are associated with Connector Targets that provide the connection information required by the process to connect to the vendor service.

Connector Target configuration includes the configuration and account details of the connector. The connector details are available in BMC Helix Integration Service.

To configure Connector Targets

BMC preconfigures the out-of-the-box connector targets for all BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker features. If you want to update the connector configuration or account information, update the connector target for the feature.


Do not delete the out-of-the-box connector targets.

  1. To navigate to BMC Helix Innovation Suite, in the Configuration Links page, click Configure Connector Targets in Innovation Studio under Required Common Configurations.
    You need to configure the connector targets listed for each feature on the Configuration Links page, in addition to the ones listed under Required Common Configuration.
  2. Click the connector target you want to configure or click to configure a new connector target.
  3. Enter or update the following values and save the configuration.

    NameEnter a unique name for the configuration.
    The name is associated with the process that is related to the connector you are configuring.
    Connector Type

    Select the connector type from the list of connectors available to you in BMC Helix Integration Service.


    Select a configuration from the list.

    For example, if you select qradar as the Connector Type, all the configurations that you have made for qradar are displayed in the Configuration list.

    ProfileSelect a profile. For example, if you select qradar as the Connector Type, all the profiles that you have created for qradar are displayed in the Configuration list.
Blank on purpose.

To copy processes in BMC Helix Innovation Suite

  1. On the Configuration Links page, click Copy processes in Innovation Studio to navigate to BMC Helix Innovation Suite for the process configuration.


    The Copy processes in Innovation Studio option is displayed only if you have configured the vendor mapping for multiple instances of Remedy ITSM.

  2. For each process listed on the Configuration Links page, select it from the Processes list and click Copy.

    A copy of the process is created, and all the connectors and components of the selected process are displayed.

  3. Enter the name suggested on the Configuration Links page in Name field of the General tab.

  4. Click Save.

After you create a copy of the process, contact BMC Support to set up the connector configuration for the processes that you have created. Complete this procedure for all the Connector Targets listed on the Configuration Links page.

MCSM ITSM Connector Target

For the MCSM ITSM connector target, define the connection configuration and profile required by the connector process.

Problem Management updates for Connector Targets

BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker provides support for Problem Management. If you upgraded from version 18.08 and had configured BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker to use multiple instances of Jira, you must update the copy of the Connector Process Jira created for each Jira instance to support Problem integration.

To update the copies of the connector process to support Problem integration

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Suite.
  2. Navigate to Libraries > Ticket Brokering Library.
  3. Under Processes, click the copy of the Connect Process JIRA process created for your Jira instance.
  4. On the Properties tab, under Variables, click Add/Remove variables and add Problem Record as an Input Variable.
  5. Drag the Connector element under Activities from the palette onto the process canvas and name it Create Jira issue from Problem.
  6. Select the connector element, and navigate to the Element Properties  tab.
  7. Add the following parameters:

    Issue Summary(( Remedy Problem ID + " ") + Summary)
    Issue Type"Story"
    Dynamic FieldsDynamic Fields
    Issue DescriptionDescription
    LabelsRemedy Problem ID
  8. Create a condition line from the exclusive gateway to the Connector element, and define the Action Name as Create Ticket From Problem
  9. Add a termination line from the connector block to the end process indicator.

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