This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Live Chat.
To view the previous version, visit the BMC Virtual Chat 9.1.02 documentation.

Deploying the BMC Virtual Chat deployment package

The BMC Live Chat version 19.08 is available as a deployment package


After deploying the deployment package for BMC Virtual Chat 19.08, certain features from BMC Virtual Chat version 9.1.02 are disabled and cannot be enabled.

If you choose to rollback the BMC Live Chat 19.08 deployment, you are reverted to the previous version of BMC Virtual Chat that you were on.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have installed or upgraded to BMC Virtual Chat version 9.1.02.
  • Review the enhancements and unavailable features in BMC Live Chat version 19.08.
  • To ensure that the product binary files from the deployment package are deployed correctly, complete the steps  in this knowledge article. .
  • Ensure that you have configured all the Centralized configuration  settings for BMC Live Chat in Smart IT. 

Process for deploying the deployment package





Download the Virtual Chat 19.08 deployment package.

To download the deployment package


Import and deploy the deployment package.
3Verify the deployment.To verify that the package is deployed

Configure the Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO) agent

To configure the Remedy Single Sign-On agent

To download the deployment package

Download the deployment package, so that you can obtain the executable JAR files, and eschat and program D files.

  1. Open a browser. 
  2.  By using your support ID, log in to the  BMC Electronic Product Distribution  page.
  3. Select Product Downloads > Licensed Products.
  4. In the Licensed Products View page, select the following options:
    1. View: Licensed Product
    2. Profile: Master
  5. Search for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 19.08.00 and click Go.
  6. From the search results, select BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 19.08.00.
  7. Select the check box corresponding to BMC Virtual Chat Deployment Package Version 19.08.00
  8. Click Download
    The file is downloaded. 
    The single download button replaces both Download via FTP and Download Manager buttons in the interface. 

To import and deploy the package

After downloading the deployment package, you must first import and then deploy the package by using the AR System Management Console. You must import the package without extracting the .zip file. 

To complete the steps for importing the package, see  To import a package .

To complete the steps for deploying the package, see  To deploy a package .

To verify that the Virtual Chat 19.08 deployment package is deployed

  1. As an administrator, log in to the mid tier server. 
    Enter the mid tier server URL in the the following format: 
  2. From the IT Home page, select Applications AR System Administration > AR System Deployment Management Console
  3. Select Manage Package View.
  4. On the AR System Deployment Management page, in the Deployment Package Contents section, review the Status column. 
    After successful deployment, the status changes to Deployed.
  5. In the Deployment Payload Group Name, click View Payload Status and verify that the Host Status column has the Deployment Success status for all items. 

To configure the Remedy Single Sign-On agent

After deploying the BMC Virtual Chat 19.08 deployment package, all users are authenticated by using Remedy SSO. To ensure that users can seamlessly interact with IT agents in Smart IT, you must configure the Remedy SSO agent in the rsso-agent. properties file.

  1. To complete the steps to configure the Remedy SSO agent, log in to BMC Support Central  and view  this knowledge article .
  2. In the rsso-agent. properties file, append the excluded-url-pattern value with |/login?|/rest/chat/upload_attachment/json so that the exclude URL pattern value is as shown in the following code:

    Exclude URL pattern value
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Restart the Tomcat server. 

To rollback the deployment

If you have deployed the Virtual Chat 19.08 deployment package, you can rollback the deployment to BMC Virtual Chat 9.1.02. 


You can rollback a package within 48 hours of successful deployment. To avoid errors, ensure that you review the rollback timeout interval criteria in  Rolling back a package  in the Remedy Deployment documentation. 

  1. As an administrator, log in to the mid tier server. 
    Enter the mid tier server URL in the the following format: 
  2. From the IT Home page, select Applications > AR System Administration AR System Deployment Management Console.

  3. In the Deployment Management Console, select
  4. Select Operations > Rollback.
  5. In the confirmation dialog box that is displayed, click Yes
    The State of the package changes from Rolling back to Rolled back.

To enable Virtual Agent mode after rollback

After you rollback the deployment, you can manually enable virtual chat in Virtual Chat Administration Console > Self Service Portal > Configuration.

To enable the integration records after rollback

After you rollback you must manually enable the integration records so that the Remedy IT Service Management integration points are enabled:

  1. In BMC Remedy Mid Tier server, open the ES_Chat:AdministrationConsole_IntegrationSetup form. 
  2. Click Advanced search and search for 'Integration Name' != "Self Service Relate Context"
  3. To enable the records, set the status to Active.
  4. Click Save

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