This documentation supports the 21.3 and consecutive patch versions of Live Chat.

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Viewing support agents and assignments on Monitoring Dashboard

Live Chat administrators and supervisors can view information about support agents and the chats assigned to them from the Monitoring Dashboard. Supervisors can also view the requests to assist agents. 

Administrators and supervisors can use this information to review the assignment load on support agents and take necessary actions when needed. You can access the Monitoring Dashboard from Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT). To access the Monitoring Dashboard, log in to Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) and from the navigation bar, select Live Chat > Dashboard, or on small screens, select More > Live Chat > Dashboard

This video (5:25) provides a quick tour of the Live Chat Monitoring Dashboard.

Monitoring Dashboard is supported with Remedy Action Request (AR) System version 19.11, Remedy with Smart IT, and Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) version 20.08 or later. 

The following image shows the navigation bar in Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT):


  • Only users with Eschat_Admin or Eschat_Supervisor permissions can access the Monitoring Dashboard.
  • Administrators and supervisors with Eschat_Agent permission can access both agent console and monitoring dashboard.
  • Supervisors can join a chat session from the monitoring dashboard without the agent's invite.

Monitoring Dashboard overview

The Monitoring Dashboard provides detailed information about support agents and chat sessions for the selected companies and support queues. The dashboard displays information like total open chats, assigned chats, chats in queue, and average queue time.

For the information to appear on the dashboard, you must select a company and a support queue from the Company and Support Queue lists. By default, all the companies to which the user (administrator or supervisor) has access are selected in the Company list with their respective support queues and support queues mapped to the Global company selected in the Support Queue list.


The information in the dashboard changes according to the companies and support queues that you select. The Monitoring Dashboard does not display any information if you have not selected any company and support queue.

The information in the Monitoring Dashboard auto-refreshes every 15 seconds. However, you can also manually refresh the information:

  • To manually refresh the information, click  (Refresh).
  • To pause the auto-refresh, click  (Pause).
  • To resume the auto-refresh after pausing, click  (the Resume button appears only after you click the Pause button).

Monitoring Dashboard contains the following tabs that display information related to the support agents and their assigned chats:


When you open the dashboard, the Agents tab is displayed by default. This tab displays information of all the support agents where each row in the table represents one support agent.

The following table describes each column in the Agents tab:

Column nameDescription
AgentDisplays the name and login ID of all the support agents.

Displays whether a support agent is online or offline. The  symbol indicates that the support agent is online and the  symbol indicates that the support agent is offline. 

ChatsDisplays the number of chats that are currently assigned to a support agent.
Max chatsDisplays the maximum number of chats a support agent can take.
Average session timeDisplays the average time spent by a support agent on all assigned chats.
Average wait timeDisplays how long an end user waits on an average to get a response from a support agent.

Bar charts

The Agents tab also has the following bar charts:

Open chats per agent: Displays the total number of open chats for each support agent. Each bar on the X-axis represents a support agent and the Y-axis displays the number of open chats. The bars are sorted in descending order.


The Open chats per agent bar chart only displays information for support agents who have assigned chats. Agents who don't have any assigned chats show up in the table, but not in the bar chart.

Average session time (in hours and minutes) per agent: Displays the average time spent by each support agent on their assigned chats. Each bar on the X-axis represents a support agent and the Y-axis displays the average session time. You can place the mouse pointer over a bar to view the Average session time of a support agent, which appears in the HH:MM (Hours:Minutes) format. The bars are sorted in descending order.

These bar charts display information for eight support agents at a time. If there are more than eight support agents, a slider appears below the chart. You can drag the slider and view the hidden information as shown in the image below:


The Chats tab displays information for all the chats where each row in the table represents one chat.

The following image displays details of the Chats tab:

The following table describes each column in the Chats tab:

Column nameDescription
AgentDisplays the name and login ID of the support agent who is working on a particular chat. The color of the indicator on a support agent's profile picture shows whether an agent is online or offline.

Displays the current status of a chat. The status can be AssignedIn Queue, or Pending Transfer.

  • Assigned: Indicates that a chat is assigned to a support agent.
  • In Queue: Indicates that the chat is not yet assigned to a support agent.
  • Pending Transfer: Indicates that the support agent has transferred the chat to another support agent and it is not yet accepted by the second support agent.
Session TimeDisplays the total time taken to resolve a chat from the moment a support agent accepts the chat.
CustomerDisplays the name of the customer who has initiated the chat.
CompanyDisplays the customer's company name.
Support queueDisplays the support queue to which the chat belongs.
TopicDisplays the issue category selected by the customer. For example, hardware, software, or operating system issues.
Queue timeDisplays how long a chat was in queue before it was accepted by a support agent. Queue time is highlighted in red color if it exceeds the SLA time.
Last response timeDisplays the time elapsed since the last message from the customer. 
RequestDisplays the text of the first message from the customer.
Last messageDisplays the text of the last message, which could be from the customer or the support agent or a system generated message.


When a supervisor transfers an assigned chat to another agent and the agent to whom the chat is already assigned belongs to the same customer, the User profile of the chat is not displayed. To view the profile, click on a chat with a different customer and then click on the chat for which the user profile is not seen.

Chat statistics

Displays high-level statistics for Total open chats, Chats in queue, Assigned chats, Average queue time, Longest queue time, and Average session time.

Longest queue time is highlighted in red color if it exceeds the SLA time.

Time related information like Average queue time, Longest queue time, and Average session time appears in the MM:SS (Minutes:Seconds) format. If the time exceeds 60 minutes, the format changes to HH:MM:SS (Hours:Minutes:Seconds). For example, the longest queue time could be 01:12:33 (1 hour, 12 minutes, and 33 seconds). If the time exceeds 24 hours, only the number of days are displayed. For example, the longest queue time could be 1 day or 2 days.   

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