This documentation supports the 21.3 and consecutive patch versions of Live Chat.

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Rebranding Self Service Portal

As an administrator, you can rebrand Self Service Portal so that end users get a consistent brand experience of your company. 

You can modify the following properties of Self Service Portal: 

Company logo

Virtual agent avatar
Agent avatar

Best practices for branding Self Service Portal

The following table lists the best practices and recommended size for Self Service Portal  properties:

PropertyAllowed extensionsFile pixelsMaximum file size
Company logoPNG, JPEG

Less than 30x80 pixels

10 MB
Virtual agent avatarPNG, JPEG

30x30 pixels

Image should be square and face centered.

10 MB
Agent avatarPNG, JPEG

30x30 pixels

Image should be square and face centered.

10 MB

How rebranding works

You modify the company logo, virtual agent avatar, and agent avatar by using the ES_Chat:Rebranding form and the ES_Chat:AC_SSConfig form. The modifications are rendered at run time based on the combined values in these forms. 

For example, an administrator of Petramco Limited has modified some attributes for the company. The following table describes how customization works for Petramco Limited. 

ES_Chat:Rebranding form entryRuntime behavior of agent avatar, Jenn, and company logo in Self Service Portal

Petramco-specific image is displayed.

GlobalThe image uploaded for Global company is displayed.
No entriesThe default agent avatar is displayed.

To rebrand Self Service Portal properties

  1. As an administrator, log in to the IT Home Page.
  2. Select Virtual Agent > Virtual Chat Administration Console.

  3. Click Rebranding.
  4. From the Property Name list, select the property that you want to modify: 
    • To change the company logo, select Company Logo in Self Service Portal
    • To change the virtual agent avatar, select Virtual Agent Avatar in Self Service Portal. 
    • To change the support agent avatar, select Agent Avatar in Self Service Portal. 
    • To change the AIML responses, select Helix AIML File
  5. From the Company Name list, select the company for which you want to change the property. 


    The AIML responses is a global setting. You cannot modify it for each company.

  6. In the Attachment section, click Add attachment and upload the file for the selected property. 
  7. Click Save
  8. The image entry is displayed in the Configured Properties table. 
  9. Navigate to the Virtual Chat Administration Console
  10. Select Self Service Portal > Configuration, and click Refresh Servlets

The following image shows the Rebranding form: 


After you change the company logo and the avatars, the images are saved in <eschat_hom>/resources/images/companyName/propertyName/. You can verify whether the files are present at this location. 

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