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This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout.

Ticket creation from live chat

Agents in BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT can create incident or work order on behalf of end users. When an agent is conversing with an end user on live chat, the agent can create a ticket if it does not already exist. 

Methods of creating tickets from live chat

As an administrator, you can configure ticket creation for a company in the following ways:

  • Automatic ticket creation—Tickets are automatically created after an agent clicks the chat window of the assigned chat session. 


    Automatic ticket creation requires BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT version 21.02.

  • Manual ticket creation—Agents can create a ticket if it does not already exist. 

Automatic ticket creation


A company has implemented Live Chat with Smart IT. As an administrator, you want an incident to be created as soon as a support agent is assigned to a chat session. You also want to set a default ticket template that will be used to create the incident.

You set the automatic ticket creation flag to enabled, set the default ticket type to incident, and specify the incident template ID to be used to create the incident.

How automatic ticket creation works

The following image illustrates the process of how tickets are created automatically:

Manual ticket creation

If automatic ticket creation is disabled, agents in BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT and BMC Helix Business Workflows can manually create tickets. The agent can also select a template before creating an incident or work order. 


  • Saves time for the the agents by enabling them to create tickets simultaneously while interacting with end users. 
  • Enables agents to create tickets in-context of the queries raised by the end users in the chat.
  • Avoids clutter for agents by hiding irrelevant ticket types. 
  • Provides an option for the agents to create tickets in a method of their choice—by using a template, from the draft ticket screen, or by using the quick create mode. 

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