Phased rollout


This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout.

Remotely access a desktop to solve issues during a chat

Live Chat leverages the BMC Client Management functionalities to enable support agents to remotely control end users' desktop and resolve issues. Make sure you have purchased the BCM license, and installed and configured the following versions of BMC Client Management:

  • For BCM Master URL—BCM version 21.02
  • For BCM Console URL—BCM version 20.08 or later.

The following video (3:05) demonstrates how to integrate BMC Client Management with Live Chat so that agents can remotely access the end users' desktop:

How agents request for remote control screen sharing

As a support agent, you can request for remote control screen sharing in the following ways:

  • If BCM agent is installed—If a BCM agent is installed on the end user's desktop, you can use the Request Control option from the chat to connect to the end user's desktop on BCM agent console and record the session. You can then copy and post the recording in the chat manually, which gets added to the activity notes of the ticket created from the chat.

  • If BCM agent is not installed—If BCM agent is not installed on the end user's desktop, you generate a rollout package and send it to the user in the chat. The user can download and install the package which enables the remote sharing. 


    Support agents cannot record the session if the BCM agent is not installed.

The following image shows the Request control option on the agent console:


A company has implemented Live Chat and BMC Client Management. An end user initiates a conversation with the support agent to resolve an issue regarding the software application recently installed on the machine not working correctly. To understand the details of the issue, the agent requests to remotely access the end user's desktop.  

The agent can remotely control the end user's device through a web browser and quickly resolve the issue. 


Remote control of end user's desktop provides the agent with the following capabilities:

  • Saves time in reading long chat or email conversations.
  • Directly access any of the managed devices within the end user's system to resolve the issue quickly. 
  • Record a remote control session and store the recording to use it for audit purposes or as a learning or coaching aid.
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