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Customization designs

This section describes different design approaches that you can use to extend code in the on-premise and BMC Remedy OnDemand environments.


Before you consider making customizations, ensure that you are making maximum use of the configuration capabilities already provided by BMC Remedy ITSM applications.

You should be familiar with the following information when you are designing customizations:


When you name BMC Remedy ITSM objects, do not include spaces in the names. Workflow object names that have spaces must be enclosed in double quotation marks if used within an application command or process. To avoid potential problems, avoid using spaces in names.

Avoiding latency issues by using service calls

When you are making customizations, ensure that your changes do not affect the overall response time of clients that are interacting with the system. Any workflow on a client that gathers information should pull that data from the server in the least number of calls possible. If your workflow is designed to make multiple calls from the BMC Remedy Mid Tier to the BMC Remedy AR System server, and back, response time issues might occur due to the latency.

To reduce the number of calls to the BMC Remedy AR System server, you can use BMC Remedy AR System server service calls. In a service call, the active link workflow makes a single call to the BMC Remedy AR System server. That single call causes a form to start a filter workflow that gathers the necessary information and pulls it back to the client.

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