This documentation supports the releases of BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations and BMC Helix Developer Tools 22.2.00 and their patches. To view the documentation for earlier releases, see BMC Helix AIOps.

Troubleshooting log collection from files

No logs are ingested


Check the following:

  • If correct key and pattern are configured for Regexp and Exclude for the grep filter.
  • If the configured format expression matches the logs that you are collecting.

Logs are not being filtered while collection


Check if key and pattern are configured correctly for Regexp and Exclude for the grep filter.

Invalid format expression


Validate the expression at  Rubular Open link or  Fluentular Open link .

Configured integration is in disconnected state


Ensure that the docker container is up and running.

Verify parameters are correctly populated in the fluentd pipeline


Verify that the configurations entered on the UI are saved successfully in the configuration file.

  • Dockerized connector: Go to /opt/bmc/connectors/<connector_name>/<integration_name>/pipeline. Open the file_log_pipeline.conf file by running the cat file_log_pipeline.conf command.
  • Non-dockerized connector: Go to <connector download folder>\opt\td-agent\file_log_pipeline.conf. Verify the configurations in this file.

Unable to run the batch script to install the Windows connector


Confirm that you have the permissions execute the script. Ensure that you launch the command prompt with Run as Administrator option.

Batch script to install the Windows connector failed


Check the logs for error. The installation script execution logs are displayed on the command prompt and are also added to the installation log file, which is located at <folder where you extracted the downloaded zip file>\BMC-DevTools\opt\<connector_Name> with name <connector_name>_install.log.

Path too long error while extracting the Windows connector .zip file


You get this error when you use Windows out-of-the-box utility to extract a .zip file. Resolve the error by following either of the following:

  • Ensure that the destination folder name is short.
  • Use 7-zip or any other utility to extract the file.

System cannot find the specified path error while installing the Windows connector


You get the BMC-DevTools folder after extracting the tdc-connector-windows-<build_number>.zip file. The BMC-DevTools folder and the .bat file to install the connector must be at the same level in the folder hierarchy. For example, if you extract the downloaded connector file in the C:\Connector folder, ensure that the downloaded .bat file is also present inside the Connector folder.

Permission denied error

When you are installing the Windows connector, you get the permission denied error even though you are installing as an administrator.

Issue symptoms

Windows connector installation fails.

Issue scope

Issue might occur with Windows connector installation.


Ensure that there are no spaces in the name of the folder where you are installing the connector.

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