This documentation supports the releases of BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations and BMC Helix Developer Tools 22.2.00 and their patches. To view the documentation for earlier releases, see BMC Helix AIOps.

Collecting logs for BMC Helix Log Analytics

BMC Helix Log Analytics uses integration capabilities of BMC Helix Developer Tools to collect logs. BMC Helix Developer Tools uses docker-based Fluentd connector to collect logs. For more information, see Downloading and installing connectors for third-party integrations.

The connector requires parsing formats based on which logs are parsed while collection such as Apache, Apache error, and so on. You can also define which log messages you want to include or exclude by using the grep condition. For more information about these parsing formats and grep condition, see Logs parsing and filtering.

The following table lists the log collection options:

Configure logs from fileCollect logs from Linux container and Windows-based applications. Use the docker or Windows connectors for the collection.Collecting logs from files
Amazon Web ServicesCollect logs from Amazon Web Services applications. Use the docker connector for the collection.Collecting logs from cloud (AWS)
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