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4.7.00 enhancements

The following table lists the new  BMC HR Case Management features in 4.7.00 release:

FeatureDescriptionFor details see
Enhanced platform supportStarting from this release BMC HR Case Management can be installed on Oracle Linux platforms.System requirements
Integration with BMC MyIT Service BrokerAfter the integration, BMC MyIT Service Broker user can create simple workflows based on a solution available in BMC HR Case Management. The service becomes available in BMC MyIT. An appropriate case record is created  in BMC HR Case Management  when a self-service user creates a request based on the service from BMC MyIT Service Broker. 

Deployment use cases

Overview of cases generation

Automatic synchronization of users between BMC Remedy IT Service Management and BMC HR Case ManagementUsers are now automatically synchronized between BMC HR Case Management and BMC IT Service Management..Synchronizing users between BMC HR Case Management and BMC Remedy ITSM v4.7
Solutions export and importThe system administrator can export and import solutions between various instances of BMC Remedy AR System..Importing and exporting solutions from one server to another v4.7
eForms integration with BMC MyITBMC MyIT users can now open eForms in submit mode and read-only mode. A new question type is available for selection in the solution form. An HR agent can create and configure a new eForm task type. A self-service user can submit an eForm from BMC MyIT Universal Client, which appears as a case form in BMC HR Case Management. .Working with eForms v4.7
Cases creation based on the appointment requests from self-service usersTo set up a meeting with an HR agent, an employee creates an appointment by using the HR calendar in BMC MyIT Universal Client. After an appointment is successfully created, the corresponding case is automatically generated in the BMC HR Case Management.Overview of cases generation
New integrated report, and dashboards in Reporting console

An HR agent can now access and view the dashboards containing the following reports:

  • Cases by communications channel under Case analysis, for example phone, MyIT, email (Pie chart)
  • Cases by group tier, for example tier 0,1,2 (Pie chart)
  • Case statuses by assigned group by all data groups (Stacked bar chart)
  • Case submission trend (Timeline Linear)
  • Cases by location, split by the SLA (Vertical bar chart)
  • Cases by assignee, grouped by assigned group, include priority and case status. Incident cross tab (Tabular data)

 .Viewing dashboards v4.7


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

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