Learning about BMC Helix Log Analytics

Tenant administrators and operators use BMC Helix Log Analytics to analyze and monitor logs to troubleshoot an issue.

Here is how BMC Helix Log Analytics interacts with other products of the BMC Helix IT Operations Management suite:


BMC Helix Operations Management

When you want to be alerted if a condition is satisfied in the logs. For example, status 401 occurs 10 times in 5 minutes, you want to be alerted. To alert you, events are generated by using alert policies. 

You can see these events in BMC Helix Operations Management. You can perform all the event actions on these events.

BMC Helix AIOps

When you are monitoring services and configuration items (CIs) in BMC Helix AIOps, you can see the events generated for log conditions for a CI in BMC Helix AIOps.

BMC Helix Dashboards

Out-of-the-box dashboards are provided in BMC Helix Dashboards that help you monitor logs continuously.

BMC Helix Portal

You perform all the user management tasks in BMC Helix Portal.

BMC Helix Developer Tools

You collect logs by using the integrations available in BMC Helix Developer Tools.

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In alert policies, you configure the log conditions for which you want to be alerted. You are alerted by using events in BMC Helix Operations Management.

BMC Helix Portal is the launchpad for all your licensed BMC Helix services. With BMC Helix Portal, you can use common services such as user management, tenant management, and single sign-on.

You can view all events in BMC Helix Operations Management where you can perform all event actions like closing an event.


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Service monitoring with BMC Helix Log Analytics and BMC Helix AIOps

Watch the following webinar (28:31) that explains how you can achieve service monitoring with BMC Helix Log Analytics and BMC Helix AIOps


Video contents


Introduction to BMC Helix Log Analytics


Key capabilities of BMC Helix Log Analytics






Lifecycle of logs







Do you want to learn more?

For more information about analyzing logs, see Deriving insights from logs.

For more information about creating alert policies to generate events, see Generating events from logs.

For more information about out-of-the-box dashboards, see Visualizing logs.

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