Accessing and navigating the BMC Helix Intelligent Automation console

This section explains how to access and navigate the BMC Helix Intelligent Automation console.


Register for a free trial for BMC Helix Intelligent Automation

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation is a service on BMC Helix Portal. If you request for the BMC Helix Portal trial, by default BMC Helix Intelligent Automation is also available for trial.

  1. Complete the registration to request for a free trial. Provide your office email ID.
  2. Confirm your registration. You will receive an account verification email.
  3. Review the activation email to find a link to activate your account and the tenant administrator user name. Click the link and set the tenant administrator password. The tenant administrator is the first user who logs in to the product. This link for setting the password remains active for 72 hours only, after which it expires.
  4. Log in to BMC Helix Portal using the tenant administrator user name and product URL received in the activation email.

Your free trial remains active for 14 days. During the trial, you get unrestricted access to all the capabilities available with the integrated products and common services.

To extend the trial, to reactivate the trial after expiry, or for any other queries, contact BMC Support.


Launch BMC Helix Intelligent Automation

When your account is created, you receive the URL and the credentials to log on to BMC Helix Portal.

  1. Log on to BMC Helix Portal.
    For more information, see BMC Helix Portal. Open link
  2. Click the BMC Helix Intelligent Automation tile.

Explore the BMC Helix Intelligent Automation console.

Based on your user role, you can access the features from the console. Click play to get a quick tour of the product. 


Configure connectors available in BMC Helix Intelligent Automation

As an automation engineer, depending upon the automation tool or application that you want to connect with, configure the connectors. After you configure a connector for an application, all supported actions for the application are available to you while creating automation policies.

For more information, see Managing connectors.


Create automation policies for the incoming requests or based on your requirements.

See Managing automation policies for details.

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