Searching for entities

BMC Helix Capacity Optimization has a built-in search engine that enables you to search for entities in an easy way. 

You can access search in two ways:

  • Using the search box at the top right side of your screen.
  • Clicking the Search tab on the Quick analysis page.

You can conduct the search on all systems, business drivers, domains and works or on all data in BMC Helix Capacity Optimization, regardless of the domain from where you are performing the search. For a basic search, type the relevant keywords in the form and click Search. All objects or time series that match all search terms are returned. 

You can also limit the search to specific BMC Helix Capacity Optimization objects such as systems using filter tags. For more information, see Search syntax

Clicking on the name of an item in the list of results you can access its detail page for further investigation.

To create an entity filter based on this search, click Save as new entity filter at the end of the search results. For more information, see Managing entity filters.

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