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The Mainframe Capacity View is a BMC Helix Continuous Optimization view that enables you to manage the capacity of your mainframe environment. This view presents metrics for the most important objects in the mainframe environment:

  • Central processor complexes (CPCs)
  • Logical partitions (LPARs)
  • z/OS images running on those LPARs
  • Licensed software product groups such as CICS, Db2, IMS, and others
  • Suites, which are user-defined groups of jobs and started tasks
  • Applications, which are groups of subsystem transactions
  • Business applications, which are business-related chains of subsystem transactions
  • Storage Controllers and Storage Pools
  • Sysplex
  • Service/Report Class


For general information about views, see Analyzing your infrastructure data by using capacity views Open link in the BMC Helix Continuous Optimizationdocumentation.

You can access the Mainframe View by navigating to the Views tab on the top navigation bar.

Once you are logged into the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization console, you can access the mainframe views by navigating to Views > Mainframe Views.
To see your mainframe data, select the Domain filter from the top of the page and select the domain that contains the mainframe data.

You can use the Mainframe Capacity View to display summarized metrics for mainframe objects, identify metrics that need attention, and begin the analysis of potential problems. This view can help you answer critical questions related to your mainframe environment, such as:

  • How much of your central processor (CP) resources did your data center use over the last week?
  • Is yesterday's usage pattern significantly different from the previous seven days?
  • How close is your machine to its physical capacity?
  • How close is your machine to defined capacity limits that determine your software license charges?
  • How close is your machine to its central storage capacity?
  • How much use are you making of specialized processors such as:
    • IBM System z® Application Assist Processors (zAAPs)
    • System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs)
    • Integrated Facilities for Linux® (IFLs)

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