This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. Icons distinguish capabilities available only for the Advanced and External license levels. For more information, see License types and features.

Setting up navigation for your workplace

Navigation menus give your users access to information and catalog services. As an administrator, you can specify whether a page appears in the navigation menu. Your pages are not visible to your end users unless you add them to the navigation menu. Use the Navigation Manager to create single or multilevel menus for the desired page navigation and to direct users to the correct content. You can specify the landing page. 

The following image is a visual guide to creating a page and making it available to your end users, and shows the current step that you are on:

Step 7 in page creation process - creating navigation menu

Before you begin

Configure the page accessibility and visibility. For more information about configuring page access and visibility, see Making studio pages available to end users.


Publish the studio pages that you want to add to the navigation menu. Only published pages are visible in the Navigation Manager UI.

To create single and multilevel navigation menus

Create a navigation menu for your workplace to direct your users to information and services and to help them easily move between the pages. Group related pages under a section by nesting them. The core application pages, external pages, and published studio pages are listed under Application Content and are available to add in the navigation menu.

Navigation Manager UI with the navigation menu from available pages

  1. In the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Admin console, select Configuration > Navigation Manager.
  2. To add a page to the menu, simply select the page in the Application Content section.
    The page is listed in the area under Navigation Builder. The page becomes visible in the horizontal navigation menu of the end user console. 

  3. To create a multilevel or hierarchical menu, add a menu section, and then add pages under the menu section:  

    1. In the Navigation Builder, click Add menu and give a meaningful label to categorize the pages that would be listed under it.

    2. Select the pages that you want to appear under the section.
      The pages are added at the end of the list.

    3. Drag a page to its desired position under the menu section.

To set the Home page

Specify the page that end users see when they log in to the application. 

  1.  In the Navigation Manager, add the page at the top level of the navigation menu.

  2. In the Application Content section, click the Home icon adjacent to the desired page.

    The icon turns blue.


By default, the My Activity page is set as as a user's Home page. You can set any other page as Home page as long as you add it to the menu first. If you unpublish a studio page that is set as the Home page, the My Activity page is reset as the Home page.

Hidden pages

Hidden pages are published pages that are not accessible from the navigation menu. You can access the hidden pages through inbound links or through links on other studio pages. By default, published pages are hidden and can be accessed through a shared link. Get the URL of a hidden page from the Copy page URL action in the Actions menu of a published page.

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