This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. Icons distinguish capabilities available only for the Advanced and External license levels. For more information, see License types and features.

Sample pages

The Studio sample pages help you design and create your workplace pages. These pages serve as a reference or as a good starting point to build outstanding self-service portals. 

Automatic deployment of sample pages for industry verticals 

Sample pages for industry verticals are automatically deployed to your development environment. The deployment is skipped if the sample pages are already present in the environment.


In a Managed Service Provider (MSP) setup, sample pages for industry verticals are deployed only to the tenant company of the hannah_admin user.

If you have modified a sample page and saved it, to bring the page back to its original state, you can either request BMC Support to redeploy them to your development environment or download the zip file package and import it into your environment. 

To download and import the sample pages 

The sample pages are also available as a zip file package. Perform the following steps to get the sample pages into your environment.

Before you import

  • In the Admin console, navigate to Configuration Application Features, and enable the Studio (expose pages to end users) option. 
    This option allows end users to see and select custom pages.
  • In the Admin console, navigate to Configuration > Application Features, and enable the Use enhanced catalog section and tile framework option. 
    This option applies numerous framework enhancements and enables the compact tile size option in Studio.
  • In the Admin console, navigate to Configuration > Attachments & Links, and make sure that the zip file type is not in the Blocked list. 
  • In the AR System Administration console, ensure that the value for the Max Attach Size field is greater than the size of the sample pages' zip file. If not, increase the value.
    For more information about how to set this value, see
    Setting administrative options Open link .

Import the zip file package

  1. Download the Studio sample pages file.


    Do not uncompress the downloaded zip file before importing it. 

  2. Import the zip file package as is into your environment. For information about how to import the package, see Exporting and importing workplace studio pages
    After a successful import, you can see the following sample pages in the Studio: 

Best practice

If you have modified a sample page and saved it, you cannot revert to the original state. To bring the original page back, download the zip file package, and reimport it into your environment.

If you want to use a sample page as the starting point, duplicate the page, and work on the copy instead of the original. You can duplicate a page from the page Actions menu. For more information about duplicating pages, see Managing pages in the Studio

Sample pages included in the package

The following sample pages are provided for seven different industry verticals, two color themes (light and dark), and a collection of reusable content blocks and banners. The content on each vertical's page is customized for different device screen sizes, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.


  • Depending on the version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace you are on, the sample pages might appear different after you have imported them into your environment. 
  • The catalog sections in the sample pages are placeholders that you can update after importing the pages. 

Featuring a dark, moody theme, this page’s header and hero banner leverage different combinations of search and content block templates.

This page features an energizing color palette and leverages different banner treatments for different device form factors.

The background image is divided into two sections to give the impression of layering. The search bar is added to the first row, and the content width is set to Compressed for the desktop and Full for the tablet and mobile modes in row properties. 

This page has different banner images for different devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

This page has different images for desktop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes:

The search bar in the first row has a dark background. A black background image added to the second row blends in with the background in the first row. The carousel view is enabled for the catalog sections on the desktop but disabled for tablet and mobile screens. In tablet and mobile mode, the services are presented in a vertical card list using the default card size.

This page features include a narrower treatment for the search bar and compact, list-style tiles.

This page features a hero and smaller subfeature content blocks. The footer uses a background image as a design element.

This sample page contains a variety of page components. You have the flexibility to either copy and paste these components into your Studio pages or customize the page to suit your specific requirements.

Page properties help you choose a light theme for your page.

Page properties help you choose a dark theme for your page.

To use assets from sample pages

Sample pages contain various assets, such as banners, background images, images within the content blocks, and icons for services in the Catalog section, that you cannot download directly from the pages. However, these assets are available as a zip file package. You can download this package and reuse the included graphics to build your own pages. Follow these steps to utilize the assets:

  1. Download the Studio sample assets file.
  2. Extract the files from the downloaded zip to your local directory. 
    This file contains BMC illustrations and assets for seven industry verticals. For example, assets from the Automotive sample page: 

  3. Use the included graphics to create your custom pages.
    To read more and to watch a video on creating a page in the Studio, see Creating pages in the studio.

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