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You can add the following types of custom fields. With the exception of primitive custom fields, you configure custom fields on the Real User Analyzer. You can configure primitive custom fields on the Real User Collector only. To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.


After you have added a custom field to the system, configure extraction rules for this field. 

Default settings for custom fields



Maximum number of user-defined custom fields per object or page


Maximum number of user-defined custom fields enabled simultaneously per object or page


Maximum number of characters per custom field


Maximum number of extractions per custom field


Final output size limit

  • Session custom fields: 4,335
  • Page custom fields: 3,570
  • Object custom fields: 3,060
  • Primitive custom fields: 9,120

Where to go from here

Add custom fields (primitive, session, page, or object) or view the list of default custom fields.

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