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For detailed analysis and remediation, the Event Details page provides you with comprehensive information about each event.

Information displayed in the Event Details page

1Displays the event description.
2Access the event action menu.
3Displays the date and time when the event occurred.
4Displays the event severity.
5Displays the event priority.
6Displays the event status.
7Displays the event assignee.
8Displays the event notes.
9Refreshes the information that is displayed.

Summary of the tabs in the Event Details page

The tabs in the Event Details page  provide you with the information described in the following table:


Displays key information about the event, such as status, severity, priority, date and time of occurrence, object class, object name, host, owner, message, and detailed message.

Alarms and abnormalities are displayed in the Summary tab.

To customize the Summary tab, select the action menu  from this tab.

InternalsDisplays tracking information, such as the ID, internal ID, account, and history.
ObjectDisplays information about the monitored object, such as its name, class, owner, and URL.
SourceDisplays information about the origin of the event, including class, key, and severity.
Logs & Notes

Displays any logs or notes available for the event.

You can add notes to provide additional information about an event. See Viewing or adding notes to an event.

OthersDisplays additional information about the event that is not shown in other tabs. The information on this tab depends on the type of event selected.
Probable Cause Analysis

Displays the relevant events based on probable cause analysis of the data.

For more information, see Performing probable cause analysis on an event.

Remote Action Result

Displays the results of remote actions that you have executed on the event.

From the action menu, refresh the results list or export the event.

Performance Overview

Displays a historical graph of the monitored object for which the event occurred.

For more information, see Viewing the performance overview.

ApplicationsDisplays the applications related to the event, if any.
DeviceDisplays the device related to the event, if any.

User goals and features

The Event Details page provides you with the capabilities for addressing the following business goals:

GoalDescription and reference
Perform operations on events to change the status, priority, or ownership.

From the event action menu , perform event operations like acknowledge, assign, and close an event.

For more information, see Performing event operations.

Perform remote actions on events and view remote actions results

From the event action menu , perform remote actions on events that have been associated with or mapped to devices through a device alias.

For more information, see Performing remote actions on events.

Determine the probable cause or root cause of an event

From the Probable Cause Analysis tab, get detailed information about the probable or root cause of the event through the following options:

Export events

From the event action menu , select Export... to export events for use in third-party products for archiving and data mining.

For more information, see Exporting events.

View or add notes to an event

From the Logs & Notes tab, add notes to the event for annotating and providing more information about the event.

For more information, see Viewing or adding notes to an event.

Perform operations like executing local actions or sending manual events

To access some features not available in the BMC TrueSight Operations Management console, from the event action menu , cross-launch into the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console.

For more information, see Cross-launching to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

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