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The topics in this section explain how to manage the performance of the BMC PATROL Agent.

 This topic describes how to manage the performance of the BMC PATROL Agent. It describes how to alter some of agent configuration variables to affect the PATROL Agent jobs and achieve better performance. It also describes how to define the number of PSL instructions the agent performs for a process within a certain period of time, how often the agent attempts to discover applications, how to set the execution priority of processes, and how to balance the agent's load.


The variables discussed in this section can significantly affect the performance of the PATROL Agent. Before changing any tuning variables in a production environment, contact your PATROL customer support representative.

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    can you add the performance tuning details here?



    1. Hi,

      We have updated the performance and tuning details for other PA versions such as 10.0/10.7/11.0. Please find the doc link for reference: Performance benchmarks and tuning for a PATROL Agent.