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This space contains information about BMC PATROL for Citrix XenApp 1.0.00 release.

PATROL for Citrix XenApp monitors the Citrix XenApp environment which includes XenApp farm, servers, published applications and their performance metrics.

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What's new

Announcement, July, 08, 2015

BMC announces the release of patch for BMC PATROL for Citrix XenApp. For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

Getting started

In the following list, click links related to the tasks to learn more about how to proceed with this product:


Step 1View the latest release informationRelease notes and notices
Step 2Learn about the key concepts and architectureGetting started
Step 3View the system requirements and best practices for BMC PATROL for Citrix XenAppPlanning
Step 4Install BMC PATROL for Citrix XenAppInstalling
Step 6Configure BMC PATROL for Citrix XenAppConfiguring after installation
Step 7Use BMC PATROL for Citrix XenAppUsing
Step 8Troubleshoot issues in BMC PATROL for Citrix XenAppTroubleshooting

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