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This topic provides the upgrade schedules for the listed BMC Helix Remedyforce release version and its patches.

Last updated: November 14, 2022

Update summary: 

  • Added the dates for BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 22 Patch 1 sandbox and production self and automatic upgrade.

Product documentation

To access documentation for the Summer 22 release of BMC Helix Remedyforce, click the following links:

Documentation Home | Release notes and notices | Upgrading | Upgrade FAQs

BMC Helix Remedyforce Hybrid Upgrade/Patch Schedule

  • Remedyforce customers should refer to the Salesforce Trust website for any scheduled platform maintenance dates that may conflict with a Self Upgrade plan.
  • Remedyforce Self Upgrading will upgrade and patch your ORG to the latest version available on the date that you Self Upgrade. If a patch is released after your Self Upgrade date, your ORG will be patched to the latest version on the Automatic Patch dates unless you again Self Upgrade to the latest patch release.
  • Remedyforce Automatic Upgrade dates only apply to ORGs running the latest major patched version of Remedyforce.

BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 22 Patch 1 Sandbox and Production Self and Automatic Upgrade

Nov 11 - 17Nov 18Nov 19 - 24Nov 25
BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 22 Patch 1 Sandbox Self Upgrade Window BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 22 Patch 1 Sandbox Automatic Upgrade

BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 22 Patch 1 Production Self Upgrade Window BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer 22 Patch 1 Production Automatic Upgrade


  • Patch 1 (202202.47.19) can be applied to both the original (202202.46) and revised (202202.47) versions of Summer 22.
  • All dates and times listed are Eastern time (New York, USA).
  • We recommend that you do not refresh your sandbox organization during the upgrade window as it excludes your organization from the future upgrades.

BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery (21.02.03) Pre-Production and Production Automatic Upgrade

Mar 07Mar 08 - Mar 13Mar 14
BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery (21.02.03) Pre-Production Automatic Upgrade

BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery (21.02.03) Production Automatic Upgrade

**All dates and times listed are Eastern time (New York, USA)



  2. Will this patch be automatic and when as the dates for automatic upgrade have been removed? I am just deciding if I should do a self upgrade soon or wait. 

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your inquiry.  The Spring 15 Patch 2.1 Self Upgrade and Automatic Upgrade dates are still in process and have not yet been published.  This page will be updated once they are available.  If you havent already, be sure to set a watch on the page so that you are notified as soon as updates are posted.

      Thank you and have a great day!

      -Joshua Green

  3. The original published sandbox automatic upgrade date was December 4. We planned our upgrade project accordingly. Why the change to November 20?

    I request that you either push the automatic upgrade date for sandboxes back to December 4 as was the original plan or you provide a mechanism for folks to opt out from the automatic upgrade.

    Thank you

    1. Hello John Wisdom and thank you for your comment!

      I understand that there are separate threads with you and your Business Relationship Manager occurring around this topic, but I did want to ensure that we responded to your message here as well.  Our BRM teams are quite amazing and will no doubt be able to assist you with options and detailed discussions.

      Have a great week!

      -Joshua Green

  4. When is the automatic update for Production?



    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your question!  Currently we have a Self Upgrade window open for Summer 15.  This means that you can upgrade 24/7 according to your own schedule via the AppExchange.

      Once we schedule additional maintenance (Automatic Upgrades, Self Upgrades, etc.) they will be posted on this page.  For anyone that has a watch set on this page, those users will receive an email the moment that updates are posted.

      I have also flagged this question to your BRM who can further guide you as needed.  Have a great week!

      -Joshua Green

  5. Hi,


    Schedule is mentioning that patch 1 is available, but it's not yet on appexchange, after contacting support we get the following message;

    Hi ,

    Although it says that the patch is released on appexchange , the link is not updated yet . It will take a couple of days .

    Thus you get the message , since it is the same version you are installing again .

    Hope that clarifies. Please let me know if I can go ahead and close this case with BMC support .

    1.  Hello Paul

      Thank you for your message. The Self Upgrade path for Summer 15 Patch 1 is now enabled via the AppExchange. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

      Have a great day!

      -Joshua Green

  6. Any news on the Summer 15 Patch 2 content?

    1. Release notes are always posted when the patch is GA and contains a section for "known and corrected issues". Patch 2 release notes will contain the list of corrected issues.  

  7. Not having release notes available is a problem. Two weeks between sandbox self upgrade window and automatic upgrade to production without knowing what, if anything I need to test for? Way too tight even with release notes. Could you please push the automatic upgrade to production back? 

  8. Given we can self deploy to sandboxes from tomorrow, not having any form of release note presents a problem for us, even something draft with intended fixes would be a start with a caveat that this could change for production availability.

  9. Agreed with previous commenters: we need to know what to test for if we install this on our sandbox. Also, it's silly to think that you have a patch built for us to install and you can't even describe what's in it?

  10. Hello,

    Thank you for your comments. Below please find the Wiki link for the Release Notes topic that contains the information and link for the Known and Corrected Issues for BMC Remedyforce Summer 15 Patch 2 :

    Thanks and regards,

  11. Are there new bits for Atrium Integrator / Pentaho to support the integration listed below? and part of Patch 2: 

    • BMC Discovery 11.0 (known before version 11.0 as BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping)
    1. Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your comment. I will discuss this with the concerned SME and get back to you ASAP.


    2. Hello Robert,

      BMC Discovery 11.0 works with the existing Pentaho packages that are available on BMC Communities. However, there is a known issue with the Edit Mapping feature. For more information about the issue and the workaround, see Issue 79517 in the Known and corrected issues topic. The Pentaho packages on BMC Communities will be updated in one of the upcoming releases.


  12. When will MyIT 3.0 become available for Remedyforce? I know it's already a few weeks available as stand alone version, but not yet for the hosted combination with RF.


    We have several outstanding defect open that are foxed in version 3.0 and are wondering when this can be expected.

  13. Paul Donders, typically it takes 2-4 weeks for the upgrade and testing in the OnDemand environment after the initial MyIT GA release, we are in the process of locking down a date and will be posting it shortly to the above schedule, thanks


    Surabhee Kulkarni Thanks for adding the MyIT dates

  15. The automatic upgrade for Production Summer 16 Patch 1 is August 19th .  What time does that run?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Automatic Upgrade for Sandbox will be on August 19th, 2016. Automatic Upgrade for Production will be on August 26th, 2016. It normally starts 12 AM Eastern Time.




  16. Why was automatic upgrade cancelled at such a short notice? When is it scheduled next? Will there be any change to release content? 

    It takes a lot of co-ordination for us to line up support, get multi-level change approvals and these adhoc decisions affects our schedule & plans. 

    1. Hi Sachin,

      Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on this.You can also email



  17. Hi today is the 28th of august, the production environments were not upgraded.

    anyone have and idea why?



  18. Hi also seen this "Summer 16 Patch 1 Hotfix 1"

    can someone give more info about the Hotfix?


    1. Hi Amit,

      Thank you for your message. Please contact Richard Would ( and he can provide you more information on Upgrade Delay or you can email


      Ajit Shukla

      1. Thanks Ajit 

        will do.

  19. What I received this morning;


    A last minute issue prevented the patch from being pushed, a more detailed explanation will be available later today.


    Tentative dates for a new patch are as follows:


    1/9 – GA (2/9 self-upgrade)


    9/9 – Sandbox push


    16/9 – Production push

    1. Hi Paul,

      You have the right information.



    2. That is correct Paul...we intend to update the release schedule page later today once we have more firm confirmation on those dates.


  20. Hi SM16 patch 2 was also planned for September. Anyone knows if there is a release schedule for that? Thanks Amit
    1. Hi Amit,

      Thank you for your message. Summer 16 Patch 2 is tentatively scheduled for September end. There is no precise date as of now.


      Ajit Shukla

  21. Hi all, any news about P2 release dates?
    1. Hi Amit, Thank you for your message. We don't have a precise date for Summer 16 Patch 2, however it is planned for End of Sept 2016. Regards Ajit Shukla
  22. Hi, Any idea on when we'll get date/time for P2?
  23. Hi, Any idea on when we'll get date/time for P2?
    1. Hi Sachin, Thank you for your message. Summer 16 Patch 2 is tentatively scheduled for September end. There is no precise date as of now. Regards Ajit Shukla
  24. Hi, When is the patch scheduled? 28/29/30th?
    1. Hi Sachin, Thank you for your message. Summer 16 Patch 2 is tentatively planned for 6th Oct 2016. We will let you know once we have a precise date. Regards Ajit Shukla
  25. HI, I don't see remedyforce patch release schedule table here, does it mean it's cancelled? Thanks, Sachin
    1. Hi Sachin, Thank you for your message. Summer 16 Patch 2 is planned for Oct 6th, 2016 as of now. We will update the calendar very soon. Regards Ajit Shukla
  26. Hi tomorrow is the 6th, if the patch will be available, please update the calendar. Thanks
    1. Hi Amit,

      Thank you for your message. Calendar has been updated with Summer 16 Patch 2 dates.


      Ajit Shukla

  27. hi when 16 Patch 2 is planned to be released
    1. ignore this question
  28. hi when 16 Patch 3 is planned to be released
    1. Hello Yaron, Thank you for your message. Summer 16 Patch 3 is Planned for Dec 1st,2016. We will update the release calendar as soon as we can. Regards Ajit Shukla
  29. Hi, Is auto upgrade scheduled for Dec 1 or is it the date on which it'll first be available for sandbox upgrade? Thanks
  30. Hi, Is auto upgrade scheduled for Dec 1 or is it the date on which it'll first be available for sandbox upgrade? Thanks
    1. Hi Sachin, Thank you for your message. Dec 1st is a tentative date for Summer 16 Patch 3 release. Auto upgrade for Sandbox will happen 1 week after the release. Regards Ajit Shukla
  31. Hi all, can you please publish the Dates for Patch 3? Thanks
    1. Hi Amit, Thank you for your message. Summer 16 Patch 3 is scheduled to be released tomorrow. We will update the Release calendar as soon as we can. Regards Ajit Shukla
  32. Content of patch 3 seems not in the overview Known and correct issues ? When would this be added so we can check what to validate?
  33. Hi Anne-Marie, the known and corrected issue list will be released tomorrow along with the patch. Regards Richard
  34. Hi, thanks for the Upgrade/Patch Schedule update. can you update the link to patch 3 known and corrected issue list please? Thanks amit
    1. Hi Amit,

      Thank you for your message. Link for Summer 16 Patch 3 release notes and Known and corrected issues is here.


      Ajit Shukla



      1. HI the page is no available -"Sorry, an error occured. Error code - 403 (Forbidden)"
        1. Hi Amit, Sorry for that, link should be accessible now. Regards Ajit Shukla
  35. Not able to view patch 3 release notes either.
  36. Hi Joshua, Please try again, link should be accessible now. Regards Ajit Shukla
  37. Hi, Was Summer 16 Patch 3 Hotfix 2 updated on production as well?
  38. Hi, Was Summer 16 Patch 3 Hotfix 2 updated on production as well?
    1. Hi Sachin, Thank you for your message. Yes, Summer 16 Patch 3 Hotfix 2 has been applied to all eligible Sandbox and Production Orgs. This is the latest version of Remedyforce that we have on customers Org. Regards Ajit Shukla
      1. Ajit, our sandboxes have not been patched.
      2. Ajit, our sandboxes have not been patched.
        1. Hi Robert, Thank you for your message. I'll definitely check why your Sandbox was not upgraded to the latest version of Remedyforce. Please send an Email to your BRM Tina Vega ( with the Sandbox Org ID. Regards Ajit Shukla
  39. We do not plan to use discovery in our production or sandbox environment. Will this affect our environment in any way? If yes, what changes will the 12.5 hotfix 2 do to our environment?
  40. We do not plan to use discovery in our production or sandbox environment. Will this affect our environment in any way? If yes, what changes will the 12.5 hotfix 2 do to our environment?
  41. Hi Rhonda, Thank you for your message. This Upgrade will not affect any Production or Sandbox environment.Upgrades are applied to BCM servers and not directly to Remedyforce Orgs. Regards Ajit Shukla
  42. With the staggered Release for Winter 17, which date does NA16 fall into?
  43. March 24th includes all org's on NA14 – NA17 (which is NA14, NA15, NA16 and NA17).
  44. March 24th includes all org's on NA14 – NA17 (which is NA14, NA15, NA16 and NA17).
  45. Ahh, Sorry. I didn't realize that was a dash. thank you!
    1. No problem. We will make sure it is more clearly outlined. Thanks!
  46. Is there a window available from a time perspective as to when the automatic upgrade will take place? Our org (NA38) is scheduled for 3/24.
  47. Hey John - Currently, there is not a specific time by pod/instance that we can provide. The push application in essence queues up the org's for upgrade (1000"s) and then the platform controls the execution order and timing. This is done to manage performance. What we can specify is that we start the push process at midnight Eastern US time on the date (so for NA38 at 12:00am on March 24th) and the entire batch is complete usually within 10-18 hours. We are working on our own and with Salesforce on enhancements to the push process so that we can in the future provide more clarity on upgrade timing.
    1. Thank you, Jason. May end up being non issue for us but just want to have all the information possible for planning purposes.
  48. Hi, when can we have confirmation about WN17 Patch 1 release?



    1.  Hi Amit,

      Thank you for your message. Winter 17 Patch 1 is tentatively planned for Feb 3rd, 2017. We will update the release calendar as soon as we have a confirmation on that.


      Ajit Shukla

      1. Will it be released today? We would like to have it installed today but need availability time to push the update.





  49. We are on NA7 which will be upgraded on Friday, March 24th. Is there a time frame that the upgrade will happen so we can determine the impact to our users?

    1. Hi,

      We are on NA30 and scheduled for upgrade on Friday, March 24th.  We need a time-frame also to plan testing and for our internal Change Management process. 



      1. Hi Lisa and John -

        We do not have any mechanism to identify a specific upgrade time by individual org. The push application in essence queues up the org's for upgrade (1000"s) and then the platform controls the execution order and timing. This is done to manage performance. What we can specify is that we start the push process at midnight Eastern US time on the date (so for NA7 and NA30 at 12:00am on March 24th) and the entire batch is complete usually within 10-18 hours. We are working on our own and with Salesforce on enhancements to the push process so that we can in the future provide more clarity on upgrade timing.



        1. Will there be an "outage" during the upgrade? What will our users experience? If there is an outage, will our users see a message when they try to log in?

          We are getting a lot of questions and I don't see answers on this page or others related to the upgrade. There is a chance this will be pushed to us during business hours, I need to know the impact to our IT staff and customers.

        2. We ended up self-upgrading on March 18th, which is outside business hours rather than waiting for the auto-upgrade by BMC on March 24th.  It took about 30 minutes to receive the confirmation e-mails from BMC and Salesforce and another 30 minutes to verify.

  50. Hi Lisa - Your BRM is going to reach out and answer any questions you have on our upgrade process, but to answer here as well - Upgrades (releases or patches) do not require any downtime or outage from the system.  Your users will not see any message and can continue to work within the application during the upgrade.

  51. Hi any update regarding the release of WN17 patch 3?


    1. Hi Amit Kenton,

      It will be released at the end of this month on 31st May.



      1. OK great, when will the schedule be updated here? 

        we want to be able to update our clients.




        1. Hi Amit Kenton,

          We will be updating this page on the day of the release.



        2.  Hi Amit,

          Thank you for your message. Winter 17 Patch 3 is planned for end of this month. We will update the release calendar as soon as we have confirmed dates for Patch 3.


          Ajit Shukla

  52. Is self upgrade to patch 3 going to be available today as mentioned above? In appexchange the version still shows "Winter 17 Patch 2 / 201701.51.58"

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your message. Appexchange suppose to be updated with Patch 3 by now and you should be able to self upgrade to Winter 17 Patch 3. Can you try again and let us know if you still see Winter 17 Patch 2/201701.51.58 ?


      Ajit Shukla

      1. Not seeing it yet


        1. Hey Joshua,

          Let me notify this to the concerned person. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


          Ajit Shukla 

          1. Thanks Ajit, I am seeing it now! (smile)


            • Version: Winter 17 Patch 3 / 201701.51.78
            1. Hi Joshua,

              Sounds Good!! Have a Great week! 


              Ajit Shukla

  53. A 10 day self upgrade window before automatic push to all sandboxes is very tight. Any way we can get another week?

    1. Hey John - Unfortunately no. We had to early announce and move up the schedule to ensure we don't conflict with the platform upgrade dates in Sept. We have to ensure to test and provide fixes on the latest release which means we we need to have production org's upgraded prior to Sept 8th (which is when Winter '18 platform upgrades start).  

  54. Thanks Jason. Understood. All due respect though, does not feel very customer centric. In order to accommodate Salesforce's requirements BMC is placing all of the burden on it's Remedyforce customers to squeeze our schedules.  


    1. Hi John - Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.  Just to clarify a bit, we are not doing this to accommodate a schedule.  We are doing this to ensure that any platform introduced issues are proactively addressed.  If we decided to wait we would be putting the burden on all customers to self upgrade production should they encounter issues after the platform upgrade.  The mass majority of our customers take the release via the push process. For the customers that self upgrade, we early announced the release timing and schedule on July 14th, our intention was to give customers enough notice to address their change schedule requirements.  Again, apologies for any issues caused.



  55. Hi,

    It will be very helpful if you cross-link the release schedule and release notes.

    Otherwise, it's very confusing when will the upgrades happen for a certain release.

    For e.g. link this page from: Release notes and notices and vice versa.



  56. Hi Vijay - Thanks for sharing the feedback...I will discuss this with our operations team to see how we reduce the confusion and make it easier to cross reference the release schedule with release notes.  



  57. Hi any update on Sm17P1 schedule?

    1. Hi Amit Kenton,

      It is scheduled for a release on Oct 3rd 2017.



      1. Sorry if this was mentioned before but what is SM17P1? I don't see it in the release chart above.



        1. They are referencing Summer '17 Patch 1.  We do not update the release calendar until the patch is released and ready for self upgrade (via AppExchange).  Once it is released for self upgrade option, we also release the release notes for the patch and calendar timing for auto-upgrades to Sandboxes and Production orgs.  Hope that helps.

  58. Anyone else receiving the error below when clicking on the Release notes for

    Summer 17 patch 1?


    Sorry, an error occured.

    Error code - 403 (Forbidden)

    Please try returning to your previous page, visiting the homepage, or searchi

  59. Yes, I am getting the error.

  60. If you go the Release Notes and Notices page and then click on the link for this patch that is on the left hand side you will get to the information. The link you are trying to use isn't working for me either but the link on the left hand side did.

  61. Yes Kathryn.  You are right.

    I've also noticed through a case and discussion with BMC Support.

    Link below works fine.

  62. I am trying to upgrade our production environment to patch 1 this afternoon but am ending up at an AppExchnage Trial page after selecting, "I am a Remedyforce Customer and I want to install the latest version." See link below.  I can not get past this.

    1. Hi John,  please use this link - - to the AppExchange listing.  You'll see on the Details page that this is patch 1

  63. Hello Amanda

    I am sorry that I am not being more clear.  I am not a new customer but land on the AppExchange Trial page. We have been using Remedyforce since 2012 and have performed upgrades and patches many times.

     The link you provided is where is where I begin after selecting Remedyforce from the Salesforce AppExchange.

     I click on “Get it Now”.

    Check the “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions” and then click “Install from Provider’s” site.

    Click on the “I am a Remedyforce customer and I want to install the latest version!”

    At that point I land on the “App exchange Trial” page that I indicated with the link provided in the initial post.

    Based on past experiences I should have been prompted to verify my Salesforce credentials and then proceed. I have never landed on the ‘trial’ page before.

    Hope that helps. I am also reaching out to Support.

  64. BMC Support has confirmed that the Salesforce App Exchange is not directing to the correct page. They are currently working to correct this and will let me know once this has been corrected. I will post an update here at that time.

  65. I got the word that this was resolved on Tuesday (10/17) and I was able to run the update yesterday (10/18).  Thank you.

  66. I know which previous fix is being removed, but what is the "one additional fix"? 

  67. I can get to the 'known and corrected issues' page now but it is not clear as to what is being done, and undone I guess, in this patch. Can someone in the know just add it to this thread please?

  68. Hello John & Joshua - 

    Additional defect fix added to Summer 17 Patch 1:

    Defect 83243 - Service Request form in Self Service 3.0: SR form window remained active/open rather than disappear upon clicking submit. The user could end up creating multiple service requests. Issue resolved.

    Defect Fix removed (postponed to be addressed in future patch) from Summer 17 Patch1:

    Defect 82899 - On the Request Definition page, if you enter a URL that contains %20 in the User Instruction field for the SharePoint URLs, the SharePoint link does not work.

  69. Hi as its the 30th, i don't see that the app is available from the app-exchange - still  the same version - SM17 P1.

    when will be available?


  70. We're in the process of getting systems updated.  Please try back in about an hour when the systems will be synced.

  71. I just checked, the download site still shows 201702.68.35 as the newest version when I try installing to sandbox

  72. Hi i can see that a push for the latest build has been done for sandboxes, still we need to be able to upgrade manually so please update the App to the latest build - so far its still 01702.68.35


  73. We are having an issue self installing the hotfix on our Sandbox (UAT). UAT is currently at Summer 17 (Version 201702.68) as it was refreshed with our Production environment prior to the Hotfix being applied. The hotfix did not auto apply assuming due to Patch 1 not being on UAT. We asked our internal Salesforce team to install Patch 1 Hotfix 1 using the link suggested above. They are getting to a point where it is installing it says it will email when complete but it never completes and no email sent. We have tried several times. Is there a method to get the hotfix installed from Summer 17. Do we need to install Summer 17 patch 1 first and if so how do we find the package?



  74. Hi any updates on when is patch 2 due? 

    It was planed for this week no?

    1. Hi Amit,

      Calendar has been updated with Summer 17 Patch 2 auto Push dates.


      Ajit Shukla

  75. It looks like from the schedule that the sandbox and production are being auto-updated on the same date. if it was a mistake and prod is being updated on 12/30, can I request in the future maybe having more than one day to test the updates in the sandbox before it is pushed automatically to our production systems (on a weekend)?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      As per Calendar Sandbox Automatic Upgrade is on Dec 29th 2017 and Production Auto Upgrade is on Jan 5th 2018, So there is a Gap of 1 week between Sandbox and Production Upgrade.


      Ajit Shukla

  76. Hi Team

    Are there any tentative dates for upgrades planned in 2018



    1. Hi Jyoti,

      Yes, Winter 18 is tentatively planned to be released on Feb 12th, 2018. If we are able to release WI 18 on Feb 12th, 2018 then Sandbox upgrade will happen on March 2nd, 2018 and Production upgrade will be performed on March 30th, 2018.


      Ajit Shukla

  77. Hi BMC team,

    We have the same question too.  What are the schedules for 20.18.01?

    Appreciate clarification and confirmation at the earliest.



  78. Hi Vijay, we do not currently have a tentative date for P1, I will come back to you when we have more information. Thanks, Richard

  79. Checking the App Exchange today to perform a self install and the version listed is still Emergency patch 1? The patch 1 is listed in the release schedule as being available from the 26th, is this available elsewhere?  

    1. Hi Peter,

      Please try again, you should be able to self upgrade to Winter 18 Patch 1.


      Ajit Shukla

  80. What is, if any, the differences between Winter 18 Emergency Patch 1 (201801.58.5) and Winter 18 Patch 1 (201801.58.15) ?   And is the automatic push going to move our org from Emergency Patch to Patch 1 if no action is taken on my part?

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, Automatic push will upgrade your Remedyforce package from Emergency Patch to Winter 18 Patch 1.There were few defects that was fixed in Winter 18 Patch 1, for more details on that please contact your Business Relationship Manager.


      Ajit Shukla

  81. Hi BMC, would you be able to share some information on content and schedule of next Remedyforce releases / patches?

  82. We were planning on a Self Upgrade to  Winter '18 Patch 3 on 7/12/18 but now Summer 18 is available instead. Is there a link where we can install Patch 3 or will we have to let the automated push happen? We prefer Self upgrade since we choose the time of day. 

    1. Hey Joshua,

      Yes, please use link to upgrade to Winter 18 Patch 3.

      Let us know if you experience any difficulity.


      Ajit Shukla

      1. Appears that will work great! 

  83. To clarify.. if we do configuration in Sandbox, running Summer 18, and deploy those configurations to other environments, running Winter 18, will that cause a problem with the deployments?

  84. Hi any update on patch 3 dates yet?

  85. Thanks for sharing the dates.  By when would we get an update of the content ? = 

    adding 'corrected in' Patch 3 on page Known and corrected issues

  86. Punam Saxena, we do not see any date for Remedyforce Winter '19 yet.

    1. Hi Vijay Kankipati,

      The notification was for BMC Helix Client Management. I have corrected the summary.



  87. Do we have dates for Remedyforce Winter'19?

  88. Please check back in a few days, we are planning to post the targeted schedule for Winter 19 shortly.  Thanks

  89. This is the Remedyforce release schedule page, correct? Should we be seeing "BMC Helix" updates?  Are these products merging? The "BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19" is confusing..

  90. BMC Helix Remedyforce is the new official name for the Remedyforce solution. We are in the process of making these updates in the product and on the various product sites.

    Please note, "BMC Helix" represents BMC Cloud-based offerings. You will see "BMC Helix" on several other BMC solutions. In many cases, the primary name (ex. Remedyforce) remains the same. More details will follow for each solution as they incorporate the "BMC Helix" brand name.

  91. Hope, we get some Helix features/functionality as well along with the new name 😊


  92. Thanks, John. Hopefully we get notice before our users start seeing the new name in the application (smile)

  93. Do we know what time today the self upgrade window for sandboxes will open? We are on a pretty tight schedule and need to get started ASAP. The app exchange still shows Summer 18 Patch 3.

    Thank you.


  95. We are having issues with the icons not showing in CMDB. They are showing blank page icons. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Hi Bonnie Stevens,

      We need more information from you to effectively respond to your comment. If you are a BMC customer, please enter a ticket with Customer Support by clicking here.



  96. Our automatic upgrade to 201901.140.13 for production completed by 9:45 AM ET this morning.  Was hoping for an earlier completion time as I have seen in the past where it completes before 7 AM ET. 

    It would be great to get some insight again on the timings and how a site is queued up for the upgrade if they are on automatic upgrade path.

  97. Hi

    When will P2 be available?

    1. Hi Amit,

      Patch 2 is tentatively Planned for April 26th 2019. We will update the release Calendar as soon as we have a confirmation on above dates.


      Ajit Shukla

  98. Is there a time that Patch 2 will be available? As of 8:20 am ET, the app exchange still only has Patch 1 available.


    1. Hi Jessica,

      Team is working on Updating the app exchange with the latest Winter 19 Patch 2. It should be available very soon.


      Ajit Shukla

  99. Thanks - really looking forward to the new features! Since it is summer vacation time, would it be possible to extend the Sandbox self-upgrade window by one week? 

    1. Hi Bernhard,

      Thank you for your message. Since we have Salesforce Platform upgrades coming up, keeping that into consideration we had to accommodate Sandbox Self upgrade window to two weeks.

      Kind Regards,

      Ajit Shukla

  100. Hi,

    Are BMC patches for upgrade are free for all BMC clients?.

  101. Hi Michael, yes. BMC remedyforce patches and upgrades are not an additional charge to your annual maintenance paid for your subscription to Remedyforce. 



  102. When will the Winter '20 release notes be available? The link still only has Summer '19 release notes. 


    2. Hi Kyle Morse

      We updated the documentation links in this topic. Check the Product documentation section.



  103. Hi,

    I have submitted a change request with our organization to do a production self upgrade of Winter '20 for this Saturday, 3/14/2020. Is Winter '20 no longer available from the app store? Is it just Winter '20 Patch 1 and only on/after 3/19/2020? I will need to notify my organization that I won't be performing the upgrade this weekend and will need to reschedule it. We always perform self-upgrades.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your message.

      Winter 20 will remain available on Appexchange through 3/19/2020, so you can upgrade to Winter 20 anytime before 3/19/2020. On March 19th we will update Appexchange with Winter 20 Patch 1, so if you upgrade on or after March 19th you will get Winter 20 Patch 1. Hope this answers your question. For more details please reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.

      Kind Regards,

      Ajit Shukla

  104. Hello!

    I hope all is well or doing the best they can! I was wondering if the Known and corrected issues are available for Winter 20 Patch 1. I just see what is available for 20.20.01 and I'm believe that is just Winter 20. 

    Thank you!

    Jessica Hinkal

    University at Buffalo

  105. Could an update to this page be made once the patch is available for self upgrade? The decision to include the patch with the new release has significantly reduced our normal test to change process and I need to test the new patch asap in order to verify that we can meet our approved change window.

    Update at 2:45 PM CDT - Saw that it was available at started the upgrade.


  106. Please BMC, if you publish updates to this page announcing a patch or release and their dates, please make sure that the 'Release notes and notices' page is already updated with what is in the release or patch so your customers can see  if functionality they use is affected.  It is frustrating to see that a patch will be pushed to sandboxes in 2 weeks and we can't see what is in it yet; for organizations that need time to plan testing efforts, this hurts our ability to do so in a timely manner.  Thank you.

    1. Jennifer Schertz - Can you check when release notes for Patch 2 will be posted?  I agree with Dan that the Release Schedule and Release Notes should be updated the same day/time. 

  107. Patch is announced to be available tomorrow but content info is still not available... Makes it hard to prepare for testing. Thanks for sharing info a.s.a.p.

  108. Can you please provide the patch notes for Winter '20 Patch 2? I see that we can now install the patch to the Sandbox and Production as a Self Upgrade however there are no release notes stating what is in the patch. As others have stated, we have to test and adhere to appropriate lead times in our Change Management process. 

  109. Hi  John WisdomDan BontragerJoshua LenningAnnemarie GoyvaertsKyle Morse,

    Thanks for the feedback. We are considering a process change wherein we can provide a high level scope of the release or patch in advance of the GA date. We will keep you posted of the progress.



    1. Thanks, Punam. When should this release be available in Appexchange today? Still showing LATEST RELEASE is 3/19/2020.

    2. Hi  John WisdomDan BontragerJoshua LenningAnnemarie GoyvaertsKyle Morse

      We have created a preview topic for Winter 20 Patch 3 and published it on 5th June. See the following update on this page:



      Paresh Naik

      Punam Saxena

  110. Salesforce App Exchange displays message, "We are down for maintenance right now" since at least 1000 CDT Saturday, 4/25. Yet on the Trust site there is nothing about maintenance being in progress yesterday or today. I have created a case to Salesforce for this. Can we get a direct link to the patch so we can start testing?

    1. I've confirmed with John. I am also getting this same error on both my sandbox and production instances.

      We are down for maintenance right now

      To continue providing you with the performance you expect from Salesforce, we're upgrading the infrastructure that supports the AppExchange and our communities. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we're back up and running.

      For the latest on planned maintenance, go to

  111. Hi, Is there a way to view these comments from newest to oldest?


    1. Hi Jessica Hinkal,

      There is no way to sort the comments.



  112. Regarding the 'AppExchange - down for Maintenance' issue, we learned that this is a Classic vs Lightning behavior.  Salesforce support's most recent response to me was: 

    Regarding this concern, there's still some upgrades with the infrastructure from the backend that supports the AppExchange and our communities. So with this, it would be best to go to the AppExchange site ( and login.

    Or, you can also click the name of the app on the upper-right of your screen (still in Classic) and click "AppExchange" to browse and install an app.

  113. One last post on the AppExchange issue for those who want to stay informed on the status of this (from Salesforce):

    I am following up on this case about AppExchange in Classic. I received an update from our Tier 3 and they have considered this as a Known Issue:

    AppExchange Marketplace link in Classic interface shows error: We are down for maintenance right now

    On the Known Issue page, kindly click the 'This Issue Affects me' so that you will receive real-time updates from our R&D regarding the said issue. 

  114. Is P3 going to be available for self upgrade yet today or do we need to wait for push to sandboxes tomorrow? 

    1. Hi John,

      Winter20 Patch3 was supposed to be available in AppExchange yesterday (18Jun). But due to an outage, we were unable to update AppExchange. However, as planned, the automatic push to sandboxes is going on currently.

      As soon as the technical issue is resolved, the AppExchange would be updated. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



  115. Patch2 is expected tomorrow but content seems not ready for publish?  Option 'Fixed in patch2' is not active yet - please update on expected content/fixes

  116. Looks like AppExchange doesn't have patch 3 yet?

    Package Name
    BMC Helix Remedyforce
    Summer 20 Patch 2 / 202002.79.37
    Listed On
    Latest Release


    1. Hi Josh,

      I just checked and I can see the Summer20 Patch3 is (202002.79.81) available there.  When did you try ?   Are you clicking on the "Get it now" option ? Can you please try clearing cache ?

      Can you please try once more and let us know ?


      Benny Varghese

      1. I just tested installing in sandbox and it correctly show new version is Patch 3. However, the appexchange page is not saying that.  It seems this is something that is not auto-updated when a new version is released.

        1. Thanks Josh. Yes; there is an issue with the version mentioned. We are working with Salesforce to resolve that issue.

          The installation links are proper. You can go ahead and install Patch3.

        2. Hi Josh Lenning

          We added the following note on this page:

          Due to technical issues, AppExchange shows the Summer 20 Patch 2 version instead of Summer 20 Patch 3. However, when you click Get it Now, you are navigated to the latest version of BMC Helix Remedyforce.



  117. What will be the content of the recently announced BMC Helix Remedyforce Summer '21 Patch 2 ?

    There is no mention of it (yet) on

    1. Hi Annemarie, 

      Thanks for asking this question.

      We publish the Release Notes on the day of the release.  However, we have started a process wherein we give a preview of the contents of the patch before the release date.  So we are planning to publish the preview for Summer21 Patch2 on Monday, 22-Nov-21.  We'll also update this (Release Schedules) page mentioning the same.


      Benny Varghese

  118. What will be the content of the recently announced BMC Helix Remedyforce 2022.01 patch1

    There is no mention of it (yet) on

    1. Hi Annemarie Goyvaerts,

      We will be publishing the preview of BMC Helix Remedyforce 2022.01 patch1 this week. You can watch for updates.