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This content pack contains saved searches, data patterns, collection profiles and dashboards.

The following table describes the components included in this content pack.

Saved searchDescription

SAP HANA- out of memory

Displays out-of-memory  messages in the log data.

Included in dashboard: Yes

Data patternDescription

SAP Hana trc

Helps in detecting and indexing the SAP HANA trace log files.
Collection profileDescription

SAP Hana logs

 Contains data collector templates that can be used for collecting data from the trace log files (with the extension .trc) located at:


<SAP HANA HOME Directory>/<PROFILE>/<MACHINE>/trace"

In the preceding location path, PROFILE  and MACHINE are variable macro values. Setting these macro variables will help you to set the trace log file path for data collection. The default values are set in the collection profile, you can provide appropriate values as per your environment.


SAP HANA main view

Provides a summary of the out-of-memory errors in trace log.