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This content pack contains saved searches, data patterns, collection profiles, and dashboards.

The following table describes the components included in this content pack.

Saved searchDescription
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP work directory logs

Displays events from the trace log files available in the work directory.

Included in dashboard: Yes

Data patternDescription
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP-GatewayHelps index and structure SAP Gateway log files.
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP-RFCHelps index and structure RFC log files.
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP-MessageServerHelps index and structure the message server log files.
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP-APPServerProcessHelps index and structure SAP System application server log files.
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP-ICMHelps index and structure ICM log files.
Collection profileDescription
SAP Content Pack:SAP-CP:SAP work directory logs

Contains data collector templates that can be used for collecting data from the following work directory log files.

  • Gateway logs
  • RFC logs
  • Message server logs
  • ICM logs
  • Application server logs

The data collector templates collect data from the following location:

${SAP SID}\DVEBMGS${Instance Number}\work

In the preceding location path, {SAP SID} and {Instance Number} are variable macro values.These can be defined as follows:

  • {SAP SID}: SID (SAP system identification) represented by a three character code. For example, BU6.
  • {Instance Number}: SAP instance number represented by a two character code. For example, 52.

These are macros contained in the collection profile. You can provide appropriate values for the macros. By doing this, the resulting data collectors will automatically collect data from the particular directory locations.

SAP Content Pack:SAP- main dashboardProvides a summary of errors and warning related to the SAP work directory log files for each host.