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This space contains information about the content packs available for using with the TrueSight IT Data Analytics (or IT Data Analytics) product.

Content packs are a collection of components such as saved searches, data patterns, collection profiles, and dashboards that you can use to support a particular use case or for solving a particular issue. Content packs serve as a ready-made collection of components that extend the capabilities of using the TrueSight IT Data Analytics product.

About content packs

You can use these content packs directly to perform various functions such as data collection or search and analysis, or you can customize them to suit your needs. You can customize the content packs by creating a clone of the components and then modifying them to suit your needs.



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Available content packs

Some content packs are already bundled with the IT Data Analytics product, while the others are available from the BMC Software Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website. For more information, see Downloading the content pack files.

For a list of content packs available from the EPD website, see Supported content packs.

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