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BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management is an integrated platform for service availability and performance management of your IT environment. It combines event management, service impact management, performance monitoring, and data analytics (including baselines, abnormality detection, and Root Cause Analysis algorithms) in a single seamless solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Event management—Provides a real-time solution for automated detection and resolution of IT problems before they impact critical IT systems. Proactively correlates, prioritizes, and resolves events within a real-time business context.
  • Service impact management—Maps your business services and IT infrastructure to help you manage and prioritize the applications and services that matter to deliver Business Service Management (BSM). Service Impact management allows your business services to be prioritized based on business logic so that you quickly can detect which issues are most urgent.
  • Performance monitoring—Proactively detects, automatically predicts, and resolves IT performance issues and suboptimal configurations before users and services are negatively impacted.
  • Performance analytics—Allows Infrastructure Management to learn the behavior of your applications and IT infrastructure across geographical silos, predicting problems before they occur, automatically pinpointing probable cause across technology silos, and initiating standardized problem triage and resolution processes. Performance analytics correlates and analyzes metrics and events collected from the infrastructure to detect abnormalities, predict outages, and provide deep diagnostics information.

Infrastructure Management provides the following benefits:

  • Improves availability by increasing the time between failures and reducing the mean time to repair problems.
  • Improves your customers' Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for business services by proactively preventing issues with services your customers use.
  • Improves the productivity of your system and application support staff.
  • Improves the productivity of service desk staff by ensuring that only enhanced and intelligent incidents with the proper prioritization are escalated.
  • Keeps you informed of how well the application or business service is meeting the needs of your business.
  • Improves the productivity of the staff responsible for reporting by consolidating data and event reporting to reduce administration time and effort.
  • Helps bridge organizational silos by providing continuous information among constituents responsible for BSM delivery.

With Infrastructure Management, you will:

  • Lower the total cost of ownership of managing your IT infrastructure and increase the productivity of your existing resources.
  • Exceed service level commitments by focusing on the needs of the business.
  • Reduce outages by solving them before service levels are affected.
  • Realize up to a 90% reduction in the false events with patented predictive analytics.
  • Improve first-time resolution and slash the time it takes to repair problems by more than 75%.
  • Accelerate application problem resolution by eliminating the need to reproduce the problem.
  • Drive business value by automating workflows and actions across multiple vendors, platforms, and sources.

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