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Planning for MongoDB disaster recovery

You can perform the disaster recovery of the Mongo DB using one of the following methods:


Use the mongodump and mongorestore tools 

Using the mongodump tool  is an easier approach and offers the benefit of producing backups that can be filtered based on your specific needs.

  • Using the mongodump tool you can perform a backup of the data in MongoDB. The mongodump tool can be used to dump:
    • an entire database
    • collection
    • or results of a query
  • You can then use the mongorestore utility to restore the data to a new or existing database.
    Using the mongorestore tool you can import content from the BSON database dumps produced by mongodump and replay the oplog. 

For more information, review the information in the following references:




Create a backup by copying the underlying files

You can create a back up the MongoDB by copying the underlying files that the database uses to store data. To obtain a consistent snapshot of the database use one of the following methods:

  • Stop all writes to the database and use standard file system copy tools,
  • Create a snapshot of the entire file system, if your volume manager supports it.

For other options, see https://www.mongodb.com/products/ops-manager

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